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Actual Name: Trench Appearence: Hair, blond, eyes, blue-gray, skin, pale. Belgians misinterpreted me. Whilst wearing a skirt. (me, not the belgians.) Location: California, abouts. Occupation: Starving artist/gophermonkey
Interests: ...That's a secret. -blushes-
Is Currently: Plague-ridden.
Has as of now: Sixteen stories? Haha, yeah, the number went down. It's magic!

Whither Shorts?: Don't panic! The short stories that may appear to have been deleted from my profile are still, in fact, alive and well here on Fictionpress. I have, however, moved them out of their individual stories and slotted them neatly into a compendium of short stories, along with a few new dribble-drabbles. I anticipate that I'm going to write a lot more short stories, so I decided to store them someplace safe and out of the way, much like Barrel Scrapings. Just a little housekeeping, and some new content, but other than that, your favorite Rambler shorts are unharmed, just moved.

Sugared Fog: Chapter six is up, and it's a teeny bit more gay and fanservicey than the last few... to all the non-slash mystery and/or otter fans, I'M SORRY! -blushes- I simply couldn't help myself. Don't worry, I don't intend on making it a lemon of any sort. Besides, more than just a little sexual tension in the given setting would flood the whole thing with angst. Which I by no means intend to do. I promise to have more otter, more vegetables, and more humor in the next chapter, and less fanservice, gheyness, and angst. Scout's honor.

Circle Safe: This is my NaNoWriMo, dickered with a little bit, poked at for purposes of chapterfying and continuity, but generally not edited. Seriously. If I were a musician, this would be the raw cut. I need the whole thing workshopped. So I'm posting it on , because I'm too lazy to workshop it myself.

To Come:

On HNDA: I've been doing some soul-searching regarding everyone's favourite ninja detectives, and spent a good deal of time working out a lot of things on plot and backstory and how the HNDA universe works. I wrote half a chapter of random fluff, what the Brie Dealer would like you to think his past was, and part of the Lionel incident from Midori's perspective. None of these advance the plot in any way whatsoever, but they've gotten me a bit galvanized. The Hiatus is coming to a close.

On Hemlock Tower: I got nothin'. Seriously. I have nothing at all on chapter eight. All of my fairyland energies have been poured into Circle Safe. Once I get that albatross off my back, I should be able to work on THT.

On Everything Else: I essentially have everything but Sugared Fog, some drabbles in fanfiction, and my NaNo on hiatus right now.

On The Future: There's a new, completely experimental story currently in the works. It's an experiment in PoV, but also in my skill at characterization. I'm writing it like a video game: how much shit can I dump on a wimpy main character without him killing himself? ... Well, all I can say is thank god for backspace.

Shoutout to my peeps in the hood... An-Cat-Gaelige, Spade Dawson, CabbyHat, Fishguts-sama, and Peremptory Shortness are all personal friends of mine and wonderful, varied writers. Go forth and read, for it is good. Especially Fishguts' Fishguts story. It's shiny.

Um.. er, don't do duct tape in public!

Oh, and god is an Orca. Thankew, goodnight.


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