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'The Author who finally has been blessed with a Story'

Penname: Elliza. Personally I thought that was obvious but hey, everybody's different.
*Age: 19! woowoo! I'm so old.
*BDay: 11/23/1984 I'm a Thanksgiving Day baby and proud of it. Nothing like the smell of turkey in the morning and of course the casual murder ;) Adele that's for you.
*Home: The one and only 17th state in the union, Ohio: land of corn, buckeyes, and annoying cardinals. Don't ask, just realize that a stupid bird ramming their puny head into your bedroom window early in the morning is irritating. I mean where's the justice? I just want to sleep, damn it! But there has been a new twist in the life of yours truly. I'm now living in the next state over, Indiana, attending Ball State University. Go Cardinals! Now I like cardinals ;-) go figure.
*My Job: I used to work for Shoemart at the wonderful cooperation of K-mart ;) aka the 'Shoe wench'. But I am proud to say that I've moved on to full time student and thankfully my parents aren't pushing that famous 'uncampus job' thing.
*Future plans: My major at BSU (don't take it literally) is interior design with a minor in marketing or architecture so hopefully you'll hear of me in a of couple years designing the mansions of the up and coming celebrities in hollywood. Fingers crossed, of course.
*My Addictions: Reality TV (I love Survivor and the Bachelor, one of these days you'll see me on one of the shows as the backstabbing mumbler but I do draw the line at Joe Millionare...I mean come on), Campbell's Tomato Soup(the easiest meal to make), Paydays (God, peanuts are good), and breakfast foods (bagels...the cream cheese spread is just to die for I swear!...and definitely scrambled eggs. I had them day and night but thankfully I'm over my breakfast kick, hoping to stay away from any addiction for awhile. One can always hope.
*Things I love: writing (who knew?), reading (Oh my God, I read like three at a time), shopping, movies (I am a movie guru. I watch Entertainment Tonight, what do you expect? and I've seen Pirates of the Caribbean six times...I've practically memorized the entire thing but I must admit Carlyn knows more than me-I take my hat off to you girl...if I was wearing one), my amazing friends who make me laugh none stop and cause me to almost pee my pants, watching late night movies like "Sleeping with the Enemy" and "Don't Look Down" as someone wakes up at 3am wanting to play Cranium, playing Cranium (I'm sorry everyone but I suck at humdingers but at least I try. Cry a tear for me please), wreaking havoc in public places (Can we say Wal-mart) and the list goes on but I don't want to bore you.

Okay that's enough of me talking about myself so here's a little objective opinion of Elliza from a great girl, Carlyn.
*Things you should know about her: Elliza is constantly being repressed by those around her. She is a source of never-ending conflict due to this battle to free her soul from those who bring her down. It does not help that she cannot even publish her story because there is no category for it. She strongly feels it is the reader's loss.
*Future plans: Elliza's immediate plans include "MUNCIE!" Afterwards she will gain a large inheritance and move into a family farmhouse dating back to the late 1700s. She will live there with her husband, 2 children, four cows, four horses, five sheep, eight chickens, numerous fish, ten cats, one collie, and one basset hound. Later she will die...possibly because Renee has located her home and burned it down.
*Elizza is known for: having her head mistaken for a basketball, loving bagels, bending forward when she laughs, being a threat with silverware, NEVER being able to guess humdingers (even if her partner knows how to hum them), giving the answers "Mecca", "United Nations", and "Stonehenge" every time, not knowing the correct name for "Don't Look Down" but knowing the right name for "Old Time Buffet", speaking slurish, recommending pudding to other restaurant-goers, knowing the name of Paul Walker's love child, being unable to say, "Oh dear, we are in trouble", having her calculus stolen, asking if the movie is rewound when it has just been removed from its plastic packaging, counting snore intervals, and having a calculator that is of no use on the AP Calculus test.
*Ten Greatest Accomplishments: 1) Eating at Old Time Buffet 5 times in one week, 2) Rigging Carlyn's locker so Griphook shot out at her, 3) Reading 'The Notebook', 4) Surviving Honors English 12, 5) Swimming the Channel-backstroke, 6) Building a house in 7th grade, 7) Inventing, mastering, and spreading slurish, 8) Becoming Number One shoe wench at K-mart, 9) Wasting everyone at Mario Tennis, 10) Developing Muehlfeld radar.

Well there you have it- a half-assed view of who I am and hopefully somethings perked your interest or at least an eyebrow ;) But before I quit my rambling I really must plug my one and only story...really I must.

Rio's Finest: Dana Braden thought she left love behind when she caught her fiance cheating with the maid, but due to her best friend's uncanny connection to a murder she's forced to face her feelings for a very tempting Rio detective. Will another murder break the two apart or will her second chance at love be shot down with another body?

This is definitely my baby and thanks to some lovely encouragement from my writing companions it's come a long way...more than I ever thought. It isn't simply a plot in my mind anymore but an actual published work which I never thought would happen (thank goodness I'm not a psychic). I enjoy writing whether anyone reads my creation or not but I still love reviews (hint, hint) so to all the few reviewers I have: KEEP THEM COMING!

This last part is simply to offer a quick dedication to two great writers. I want to thank two of the coolest girls in my life: Adele and Carlyn. You lovely ladies have inspired me to write, nutured me, and took this helpless mumbler under your wings. I'll never forget the outrageous fun we've had or either one of you intelligent, humorous, and extraordinarily beautiful women. Thank you!


Rio's Finest reviews
Dana Braden thought she left love behind when she caught her fiance cheating with the maid, but due to her best friend's uncanny connection to a murder she's forced to face her feelings for a very tempting detective.
Fiction: Mystery - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 7 - Words: 19,820 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 4 - Updated: 12/16/2003 - Published: 8/24/2003