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Adventures of Waffle Prologue. Yay. :D

Wow. Looking back at the stuff I wrote, bleh... it's sucky... I may be just as immature as I was when I wrote the crap but heck I'll bet anything that I could write something way better now. How old was I? 12? Ugh... *shudder* I've removed everything. Sigh... Now I'm depressed that I gave reviewers crap to read... _ ; Anyways, enough with the sad stuff. I am happy to say that I'll turn 15 soon (yay presents!) and I may start writing again at that time. You have no idea how many tidbits and ministories I have stored up in my hard drive. It's drives me nuts that I can't draw out a decent polt for any of them ;_ ;

Yeah I'm sad. Pray that I get insiration somehow.Augh.

Work in Progress:

Prologue and first chapter of The Adventures of Waffle

About the Author

I am currently a high school freshman that daydreams in every class and doodles miserably on homework. I'm a comic book/cartoon fan. More specifically, anime and manga. Some favorites are Fullmetal Alchemist, Dragon Knights, Matantei Loki, Hikaru no Go, Saiyuki, Air Gear, and Dragon Drive.I'm also a video game fanatic, more specifically a Nintendo maniac. I own Pokemon cards (did you just make fun of me?) and play ahemLOTSofahem Nintendo games.

I write in my spare time, which is usually late in the night with a box of pocky and a can of coke. That's usually the time when my brain starts to produce weird stuff that could be pretty useful in my stories. I like to read fantasy mostly but historical fiction has caught my intrest lately. Sci-fi stuff is good too.

erm... yeah... I need to get a life...

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