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Note about my reviews to others: I am not, and will never be, a flamer. I also am sad with the fact that other people see the need to flame others. We need to be supportive of each other. Life is too short and is relatively wasted when it is devoted to such petty and cruel endeavors such as putting down another's work without constructive criticism.

And to those who are not familiar on what a flamer is, a flamer is someone who leaves bad reviews that are not objective. The flamer's aim is normally to insult the author and his/her work. Some flamers go even as low as using explitives and other derogatory words. For short, flamers do not have the best intentions at heart when they leave their reviews.

Flaming is different from leaving constructive criticism. Constructive criticisms are what authors need to ponder upon so that they could make the necessary adjustments to improve their creative craft.

As to reviews, I will be very honest and objective. And if it is a bad review, I will e-mail the author personally and offer my humble and objective opinion as to what improvements can be applied.

I love to write introspective pieces ranging anywhere from the spiritual all the way up to the supernatural. Yes, I love angst but I love angst that hint at learning or gaining redeeming values in the end. Yes, my work can be very depressing at times yet it is also meant as a silent appeal for those whose lives would be touched, moved, and inspired by this piece to see beyond their experience and learn from others through empathy and compassion.

To those who know me personally and have read my work, I have been asked as to what prompts me to write about things that I write about. I wanted to impart the message that there is so much that happens in life that others are so oblivious about. Because of how pressing life's demands could be, people miss the greatest goal and most precious blessing of being human -- to grow and to learn from others.

Yet, I also want to impart that in spite of how ugly or dismal things could be, there is always hope...maybe not now, but there will be if one believes and works on that hope to become a reality.

And yes, I love stories that leave readers "hanging" in the end...to make readers think.

We are all writers who are trying to develop our skills and we need to stick to constructive criticism. None of the vulgarity, the insults, and the other unnecessary stuff.

For those who are waiting for an update to The Apartment, the story will be having a revamp due to the muses' proddings. Rest assured, though, that I will finish this story.

Good luck, fellow writers, and more power to everyone.

God Speed...

PJ Wise

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