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Once again, a few years have passed since my last visit to this site. While I am in the midst of searching for a career-starting job, I will take breaks and try and get back into writing when I can. If so inspired, I will begin a new project and post it here when time permits. Thank you. :)


It has been several years since I last updated my profile on this site. It is amazing how I have intermittently found myself browsing through the archives of sites/places I used to frequent back when I was in middle school and high school. Since my last update, I have finished university and am now living abroad (outside of the U.S) in Israel. I can hardly get in touch with who I was when any of my currently published works were first posted. I marvel at how much one grows and can reflect on that growth just from reading old written blurbs and stories. To all you out there on FictionPress reading this, please check in if you have the time and see what I might be up to on here. I've always had an interest in writing and it's no wonder I've revisited this wonderful site even after such a long hiatus. Even at 24 years old now, it is even more daunting for me to start and finish a story without incessantly over-thinking/second-guessing myself. We'll see how I get on here :)


Well, hello! It's been what? Nearly 2 years? Ha! Since my last update of any kind here, I've graduated high school and now am a freshman in Vanderbilt University. Maybe one day I'll get the chance to return to this site for some more writing. Until then, perhaps I'll get to read a bit of the new works posted here by some other authors. Happy New Year!!!


Wow, this is the very first modicum of news I've posted for '05. I don't know about what the general consensus is, but I think that that is pretty sad. BUT I can say that I have a decent enough reason to justify my three month days of absence. School is ultimately the only reason. Sadly, the 11th grade requires every ounce of your time/attention/energy. Add extra curriculars...SAT/ACT prep, and well... sleep time(which is very rare and uncommonly spoken about in school)... yeah. But since all of you understand that, I guess that explanation was rather pointless... GOOD NEWS? I will return to the stories as soon as I am physically able...BAD NEWS? My grandiose return might not be until July of this year... Sure, I might be able to pop in once or twice within the month of May (as my school year dwindles to the long awaited 26th), but nothing is definite. Until then, I hope you all are well and haven't believed me to be dead or suffering on some remote island away from civilization... although school is pretty close...Happy very, very, belated New Year... And please read/review any chapters you might've not already read, it would mean a lot_

Many thanks, Veronica


First off, I uploaded a NEW story: The Plight of Miss Heinbecher. Just exploring third person. Ehhh...experimental writing...aren't we all, though? CHAPTER 10 OF Psychotic and Pampered is uploaded! I don't recall having sent the notification email out yet...but...only two readers have read the new chapter thus far (Thank you to those two, though :)) Chapter 2 of Sincerely, Your Biggest Fan has been uploaded too! Agh! I'm making very sluggish progress, but it's progress nonetheless! And finally this last Wednesday I turned 17! Oh! The apprehension! (Oh! My recent habit of preceding every exclamation with "Oh!") Haha... ( I like to make myself chuckle.. I doubt anyone else gets a kick of out reading this blabbering) I'm such a dork. If you'd like to give me a gift...let it be a review! YESH!!!


Wow. You talk about disappearing! Lol. How long has it been since I actually updated anything?! Sheesh. Well, thank YOU to my eleventh grade year and all that comes with being 16 and blah...blah... Sheesh (again). Who misses their infant and toddler days? Anyways, besides having wistful thoughts, I've updated...but not PandP...SYBF! HAHA! Go read it. NOW. TA-TA!!!


Yeah. O.k. So I haven't updated in eons...(not really but ya know...a long time..ahem) but while I was actually on again, I decided that I'd plug for a book I'm reading now. Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell A whopping 800 page novel by Susanna Clarke. (but I hear it's too short...good indication, eh?) It's one hell (sometimes hell emphasizes a point better than 'heck'...heh) of a book so far, based in the early 19th century in England. It also includes MAGIC! argh. Can you not tell I'm an avid Harry Potter geek? hah. But it's not like Harry Potter thus far. In fact the way it's written is like a cross between Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. Anyways, if you're looking for something to delve into, I suggest Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell again, and again. Superb work. And it just came out within the last couple weeks in the U.S. Wh00t Wh00t. That's all. I'll pop back in again. Ciao.


Hm. O.k. Well, as many of you might/should be aware, has some glitches (again?! you're kidding!) and for me (and a few others on this site as I've heard), uploading chapters of stories and poems or submitting new poems/stories is currently impossible. :o( So, this means what? That until I can upload chapters Psychotic and Pampered won't be updated for a while (which can't be as long as I've shamefully neglected thus far...). This also means that I had a chapter readied to be uploaded???? Well, time's a wastin' and I must return to other things. I'm sorry (again).


Finally. Psychotic and Pampered is updated. Chapter Nine. Yay!


I'm pleased to say that I've completely redone the beginning of Chapter Six on Psychotic and Pampered and like it much, much better. Also that the fic alone has 25 people to have read it thus far. yah00t! lol. And even more, I broke 100 reviews. I blame some people on this site for having attained this madness about readers and reviews though. (coughaiurcough) _ She still rocks though. lol. Moving along. Chapter Nine is not too0 far from completion though it's only 981 words written. heh. It might not be as lengthy a chapter as I'd anticipated earlier. But. Bah. My summer is quickly coming to a close (15 days) so school must consequently be right around the corner so I'm not sure how this will affect the progress of my stories...Albeit, Psychotic and Pampered and Sincerely, Your Biggest Fan have been rather neglected despite it being summer... (it's been a month at the least chringes) Ach. Well. I'll stop rambling and resume working on this blasted chapter... Ta-ta.


I am back from Florida. And what a great trip that was. Truly. Heh. Well. I suppose I should be updating one/or two of my stories now, eh? Ja.


I changed my pen-name. Again. It was first Serene Wonder, then V.R. Hawkins, then V.R.H, then sui generis thrice, and now, concordance. I was thinking of yahoodlum but decided against it because I'm planning to ask my parents for the premium account (since I'm a virtually broke teenager with no stable income : ) and I doubt saying they're paying for me to advertise myself on as yahoodlum would be very encouraging, nor give them reason to part with the money for it. lol. Oh well. Off to Florida in less than 24 hours. Yikes! I should be packing. Heh Heh. Ciao.


Well. I'll be on vacation in Florida from July 27-August 3rd. Until then, besides packing and..."stuff", I'm trying to get around to updating Psychotic and Pampered or Sincerely, Your Biggest Fan but the prospect of updating doesn't look too good. Heh.


The stories below were written when I was between the ages of 13-16. All of it is unedited, poorly written, and probably incredibly cheesy. That being said, they will remain posted here as a reminder of when I first tried my hand at writing. :) Author Favorites:..

I highly suggest: All those under my FAVORITE AUTHORS LIST!!!!

..:Special Thank yous:..

A very BIG thank you to everyone who's ever read and reviewed my work posted on this site and/or placed any of my stories/me on their favorites/favorite author's list:

Mintblue-wind - Scarlet Mirage - Opal Ballerina - Global Nomad - summercutie - Sad Songs Remind Me - lovingshaun - ghenne04 - coffeegal102 - charisma - falls4guys - Midnight Owl - Lyra Torg - DontLetItGoToYourHead - Heather Malfoy - Minyaithwen - cherryblossom0288 - Lemonhead754 - Sweet-Child03 - crisel - DSLuverGurl123 - life-sucks-then-you-die-2 - BLaCkRoSes86200 - Lizzi-Bug - observer89 - ment - Sprkles620 - goofball - Life Issues Peachy KoRn - find-my-way - kawaii2 - FamousOneLiners - BreeJalil - Emelie Baskin - Natalie - Onion Ring - TorrLev - aiur - hummer - trishie512 - Marie - luvlygrl85 - cutie_girl15 - runningforlife - Maria - Skandlus - orlis-girl - S. Breland - Kyla - JemG - april - My Works 87 - sweet'n'sexy sandy - Eternal Serenity - Mandas - fearphobic - angelo caduto - muppet-me - lalala lovely elles - Hotkitty - Mountain Peak - Sorato4Ever1 - Filthy - DizzyLogic - whatever_just_review - Annika - Southerngal14 - Kelikea - Ashley - somerandomperson - annchick1273 - aannac89 - Luvin-Frankie - bellesoleil - anna - serenity-angel - complicatedlysimple - chichi-tree - Kim C - tipsy - Clump - BellezAzul - ann - ShadowsPrey13 - aliasrocks55 - whatcanisay - Tweety - Les - CHRISTIDI - JAMIE - Bout14 - DiE-TragedY - Adelle Yeung - Kate -lumanarann - Dez - Rodriguezgirl21 - recalcitrant - Mojo - Raymondina - bee - Kalika - Lugckio - Indian stars - Fenikkusu Ice - BoneBaby - Kevin Davis - Maeven - Emma - SouthernRose - avision - Writing faery - Story Guide Fairy - pwettyinpunk - hesfb - Devin - American Dream Denial - funkee mungee - Siffy - SockBrain - precocious - Rhee - HEYA - kilipty - Chatter53 - Lily Pierce - ItalianQT - crazi azn angel - angel essence - just a whimsy - Romantic Chic - Cindy - br0k3npr0mis3z06 - Bubbles101 - TopatoPotato - Nickety - Laur1532 - Final Rose - T.Riddle - Jalisco-psyche - Tomoe Gozen - Megliz716 - angel-kiss1 - sien88 - Shixa Goddess - Dy Serenity - Obsidian Rhapsody - Alcapacien - Kill The Old Way - P r o d i g y P r i n c e s s - auraeight - Dani41 - Sharmeen - sakura J - inAnutshelLkizZ - Mystified - naivete chica - aneli - Salt and Vinegar Pringles - inandout - spirit untouchable - call-me-later - Jackarooster88 - Magenta Luna - SugarHighQT - MimiGhost - Zircronium - Bubbl3gum - brokensilverheart - Billie Joe Armstrong's lover - DragonFaeLynn - Raspberry Ginger - fireworksinmybackpocket - Perfect Bliss - Myrika - Quoter

Thank you all for your reviews, support, insight, and knowledge, it has helped me come a long way.

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