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I'm just another person, haunted by ups and downs in life. I live alot in my head, think alot and stuff. My life is pretty much divided between swimming, studying, and writing. I enjoy all three. I write for myself to clear my head, but I also write because I think I have a story others would like to read. I'm unpublished, naturally, and I don't care much if I am pulished - t'would be nice, but I know I'd have to give up other things to achieve this goal.


I am dead honest when I review (and maybe too blunt, for that I appologize), I'll tell you whats what and if I don't like it, I'll have the guts to tell you that BUT I promise to give you a reason why and if you want help (within reason) I will be willing to give it, just email me.

I know when I used this site before I was willing to do complete critiques during a review. I cannot do this anymore, it takes too much time I don't have. While I'll help with major parts and maybe write a few paragraphs, a critique is more work than I can currently manage, I'm sorry.


Ardinie (trilogy)

Thirty Two Cursed Mages

Chosen by the light and destined to defeate the bleak by becoming darkness.

(I am insane enough to have two summaries for this, well, there are two sides to a coin...)

Summary (don't read this unless you don't care knowing how Dark ends)(This is the small picture summary): Tren's rise to power was not easy, yes, he did kill his brother and gained the throne, but he also killed his only love(who happenedto behis brother's wife, who didn't love him in return). All is well that ends well, despite the disadvantages of now having aDaray stuck in his head, a Daray that demands constant attention and more power, always power. Tren can't really abandon the Daray, it would kill him for its abandonment, but, all the same...When Tren's niece grows up, she takes on the power of the Light, and becomes a witch of the dark. She sets in mind to defete Tren, blindly going where she cannot go without sacrificing those that matter to her most. Rating for Violence, dark themes, andsuggestive scenes

Summary (this is the big picture summary): A total of thirty -- two mages fanned across a time period of sixteen centuries. The 'Lights', those chosenthepeople of Arinto carry out tasks in reality. To be chosen by an angel . . . is only asking to become sunken to the dark through the pain of carrying truth. Aneea is the sixteenth Light to walk the realm. Her words would hallow a motto for future lights "The white witch always wears black." It is much more than a battle between a king and a would be queen. It's a matter of an ancient war between those of Tynan and Arin. A war that can only be resolved by twisting human motives, for good or evil.

About: My insane epic that I have decided to finish, yeah, the above paragraphs just about sumarizethe trilogy quite nicely, maybe too much. I hope you still want to read it. Ardinie has grown without to an insane level and is extreamly long, complex, and has millions upon millions of characters who live in my head telling my the story. Worried about having Tren live in my head, but all the same. Enough said. It's my main story and it is probally going to drive me with itto insanity. My guess is I will die finishing this trilogy.

Book I:The world is falling apart and landing on Mellicia's shoulders. Deaths of loved ones surround her as a looming threat grows in the distance. Mellicia is left desolate with nothing save for her daughter, her life, her death, and a flickering flame of hope. Book one of Ardinie trilogy. (100 000 word count estimate)

Book II: Been an odd twist of events for Aneea. She had been a slave all her life. When freedom comes knockingby joining a revolution she didn't believe in, why not? She can justsit in the back line and wait for everyone to blow everyone else up. Book two of Ardinie trilogy(100 000 word count estimate)

Book III: Too lazy to write a summary right now.(150 000 word count estimate)

Yes, I am returning - as a dog does to its vomit - to Ardinie. Mm...I know its a hopeless cause, but I'm trying it again and its got a completely different attitude this time. I love Ardinie, dunno why, I doubt I'll ever be satisfied with it. But even so...I try.

Regina Somiorum

extensive poem I am working on. complicated. Don't know if I'm gonna post this to fictionpress, I've never been satisfied w/ what I've got to say. Very long, very indepth, but I'm happy with it


A most recent story of mine. Loosely based off of Persephone of Greek Mythology (Kore is another one of Persephone's names). Contains many elements similar to Regina Somiorum. Hopefully this will be uploaded one day.

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