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Hello all, Nicole (call me that and I'll kill you...not really, I'm actually a very nice person *evil laugh* mwahahahah), AKA Nicky. YES, C-K-Y not K-K-I, it's my dad's fault. Besides, K-K-I just seems kind of girly and that is NOT me! Not by a long shot!

About me:

My bestest friend in the whooole wide world is Mackenzie No-Last-Name. It's true, she doesn't have a last name! Actually, she does, I'm just not giving it out because she'd kill me! By the way, she may not really be my best friend, I don't know. I hang out with Erica (is that spelt right?) all the time now, but that's just because she goes to my school! Mackenzie moved down by the beach...lucky dawg! Yep, she's within walking distance of the boardwalk! And my mom is a psycho because anytime I go over there she calls JUST to make sure that I'm not walking on the boardwalk! By the way, if you haven't caught on yet, I don't like my parents...AT ALL! And I don't like my two younger sisters either! They're brats that should have their hair pulled out of their skull! *evil laugh...again!* Mwahahahaha

That's all I have to say for now. Maybe later I'll decide to add more...maybe not! Who knows? I DON'T! Maybe Mackenzie knows! YES! She does! Do you know why? Because this is Mackenzie! Now it's my turn to do the evil laugh! Mwahahahahaha! See, Nicky doesn't actually know that I'm typing this up right now! That's why you never give your friend your password! I mean, come on now, it doesn't take an Einstein to figure that out! Sheesh! So yeah, g'day folks!

Mackenzie here again! Well, I'm at school right now (ugh!) and feel the need to add something else on my dear friend's (*cough*) account!

Very random, sorry. There's not a whole lot to say! I'm sitting in keyboarding class right now and because it's the last day before the holiday break, we're allowed to do whatever! Thank goodness! This class is so boring! Seriously, all we do is type, type, and type some more! But I suppose that that's because it's KEYBOARDING CLASS! Lalalalala! Later!

Mackenzie here...again! No, Nicky doesn't like to do this type of stuff so I do it for her! Aren't I the nicest friend? Kidding. But she's sitting next to me right now and watching as I type. And I keep making typing mistakes so she's asking what's up with that today? All I have to say in my defense is that I always type like that...except when I type with my fingers on homerow...but I do do it in Keyboarding class...not good if I'm doing a timer but whatever.

I think that one of these days Nicky is going to end up killing me because I always add onto this thing...and she never does. I'm so bored! I have no life! Or rather, my friends' parents won't LET THEM have lives, resulting in my pathetic excuse for a life. My parents are cool - they actually let me do things...I don't have to do everything with them that they want to do! But I won't say which of my friends that applies to just in case, though she does know it.

Gotta run - I'll be back...later!

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