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Name: Chibi Me Z Duh. (the M, E& Z are all Chibi's initials. Try and guess what they stand for)

Sex: Girl (woman, post-pubescent female, whatever)

Age: Born in '83 (one month before valentine's day. you do the math)

Job: Yes, I just got one. (now I can afford... NOTHING... that's right! It all goes to my car that leaks oil like the titanic took on water)

Family: One mom, one dad (married forever) three brothers (two older, one younger) and a cat (callie)

Hair: Yes, it's long, too. (all the way down my back) And I'm a blonde (I think that comes through in my writting) It's dyed red right now, though.

Eyes: Yes! (sorry couldn't help myself) They're blue.

Height: Really short... -_-; 5 foot nothing. *pouts*

Weight: Right like I'd tell you!

Hobbies: Duh. Take a wild guess! (anime, manga, reading, writting, being lazy and not updating...)

Anything Else: Not that I can think of right now... Maybe later...

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