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Currently working on: Corrupted Operations (The sequel to Dreams That Kill)

Ok, it's a sequel, but it does not require you to read Dreams That Kill to understand it. It's loosely connected to Dreams That Kill. Same characters with a few new minor ones. I'm not going to state the title yet as it is bound to be changed. And just a random bit of information, its the 3rd version of the sequel I've written so far, lol. First one was supposedly about WW3, the five chapters I wrote turned out awkward, the second one was almost completed except I never finished last few paragraphs of the last chapter, it was 10 chapters long, and I just felt it wasn't that great, but this 3rd version I know is going to be better, it is more like a revision of the 2nd version, except different.

And about the story, Friendship Under Fire, the chapters following the ones that have been posted are undergoing a lot of editing, it doesn't make sense, that's the reason why I'm editing it. UPDATE: There's a chance, I might never finish this story as I'm too preoccupied in school and with other story ideas.

Also trying to work on a series of vampire stories, but I'm trying to finish Corrupted Operations first. Also about Lies Tell No Truth, I kind of forgot about it, but I'm taking my time updating it, I don't want to mass update and put up the remaining chapters in one shot and leave you guys with a whole lot to read, so I'll try to remember to put the remaining chapters up over a couple of weeks.


A Deadly Game of Vengeance - My First Story; Pretty good in my opinion.
Summary: A group of friends sets out to avenge the death of a friend. With the killer on the loose somewhere in the school and threatening them to back off, they have very little time to solve the mystery with the clues left behind before the killer gets them for sure. With the help of their English teacher, a man that likes to play jokes and scares people all the time they use the clues to find the killer. But is the teacher who he seems to be? COMPLETE W/ AN ALTERNATE ENDING. (I love the alternate ending.)

Dreams That Kill - Complete
Summary: A class has dreams of killing each other. But when they wake up and notice many classmates absent, they begin to reconsider their thoughts about the dreams. Soon, as the reasons for those dreams unfold, so does a dangerous job assigned to them.

SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape)
Summary: COMPLETE!! A class goes on a trip and returns to their school late due to traffic. When they arrive, they discover a scenario that puts all of their lives in danger. With almost the whole school dead and several heavily armed killers after them, the class tries to maintain as much people in their class as possible and attempt to save the rest of the survivors by banding all survivors together to fight back and reclaim their school.

The Sequel to A Deadly Game of Vengeance
Title: Lies Tell No Truth
Summary: Based on the Ch16 alternate ending. A teacher after being released from jail because of mistakes one day after his arrest returns to teach. But he turns dangerous when one of the students that put him in the jail tells a lie that he believes to be true. Now, the four students that might have accidentally put him in jail must find a way to prove to him that something that doesn't exist doesn't exist. But how do they do it?

The Sequel to Dreams That Kill
Title: Corrupted Operations
Summary: They were good at their jobs, never failing a single mission. Until a few months later of inactivity and having their normal lives back, a group of students and their former teacher are bought back to their past lives of killing for the government. Everything takes a turn when a failure causes several deaths among them and leads them to start to reject returning to their past and begins to haunt them while the government tries to retain control. But as they will soon discover, there’s more than what meets the eye and they might not even be working for the government.

In case everybody is wondering why most of my stories have to do with school and Mr. Kaufman, my English teacher. People in my class will probably understand why without me really having to explain it.

Peter (forgot his sn) and I have been well ummm... picking on him because Mr. Kaufman is like hmm... how should I explain this? A odd person, yeah, those are the words. You can never expect what he will do next, and umm... he umm... makes a lot of stupid jokes (sometimes funny), and is sometimes mean (makes me lose in everything if he starts making one of his comments to me and i tell him to shut up) and ummm... yea... I think that's it... is it?

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Corrupted Operations reviews
A group of students and a teacher were killers that worked for the government without question or failure. After an year, they are called back. Soon they realize, that they might not even be working for the government.
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