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About me:

I'm a person attracted to skills. I like both heavy metal and classical music (love the piano). I have a love for European and Russian classics (the most memorable being 'the Picture of Dorian Gray'). I speak three (it's really two but I'll be generous) languages, Chinese, English and Japanese.

I like to play games a lot, but the one that has truly held my interest is Wei-qi. Please look it up or better yet, pick it up. There is nothing like it.

I'm a avid practitioner of Tai-chi. I'm lucky enough to have a qualified master that teaches combat applications of this ancient art.

About my writing:

I like to tell stories. No, not just a watered-down retelling of Shakespearean drama, but rather, something different.

My recent interest for non-fantasy story may distract me from my primary project somewhat, but, I'm in no hurry.

Big thanks to anyone who reads my stories, or better yet, give me criticisms to work on. I am constantly looking for attentive souls who are willing to help improve my writing.

If you would like me to review your writing, you don't have to give me a review. Just drop a message and I'll try to get around to it.


Silent Guardian: In this world there are three kinds of creatures. If one wasn't black or white, then one must be grey. You're either evil, good, or simply, dead. But oh, do not let the radiance of alabaster or the luster of shadows deceive you; misery comes in every shade of light known to mankind.

Behind every veil of secrecy is the face of suffering; behind every equivocation slumbers a sin; behind every lie hides a story.

Welcome to a world of unbound darkness, where twisted deities wrestle for supremacy under scarlet clouds. This is a story of ruthless beauty and desperate survival.

It is now official. I'll be tearing this story down again for the third time, scrapping 233 pages of writing (80000 words). I'm doing this because I feel the characters (especially the key ones) have been weak. Furthermore, I have not captured the darkness and desperation that I so wanted to convey.

I'd like to thank all the reviewers who had helped me along the way. I sincerely hope this attempt will be worthy of your time.

Note: chapter 2 is almost done, but chapter 1 is still I need to rethink everything, including characters. I'm not happy with where it is at right now.


Rosalind, is an upbeat, bright and happy girl with boundless energy. She's handy with the staff, precise with her craft and even deadlier with her trusty crossbow. This is a tale of her adventures.

Made Adept by the Runeseer Society, Rosalind was sent on an assignment in which an Inquisitor will oversee her progress. Thus begins an adventure through the Dominion. This mission shrouded in secrecy, is made even more sinister by a companion, who is both friend and foe.

It is a story of a girl will become a great lady, a boy who grows into a man, a hero that will fall from great heights, and a misunderstood villain shall rise again.

This is my attempt at writing something brighter, and in general, more self-affirming to read.

The Wind Dancer by Infected Beliefs reviews
((Set in Izben)) Fate is a three pronged fork, and it twists in strange ways for the lives of three young men. A cowardly northerner, desperate for his father's approval. An insufferably chatty thief with a monstrous gambling addiction. A bipolar master swordsman who can't seem to do anything right. Come and find what fate has in store for these three poor devils.
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Zaile remembered little of his life before he was tossed inside a Settlement. To feed himself and a boy he believes his brother, he hunted monstrous Freaks. When not haunted by nightmares, Zaile pondered. He wondered if they would have enough to eat, if the war between the gods will ever end, and above all, if they could ever be free.
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