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I'm twenty-one now. After four years and two changed majors, I've finally managed to graduate from Oakland University with a Bachelor of Integrative Studies in creative writing and performance. I will eventually go on to become a marriage counselor (or a relationship counselor, however you want to put it...), get an MA in counseling, and eventually (probably) a PhD. At this point, however, I still have to figure out how to pay my it's gonna be awhile before I go back to school.

I thought I'd post some of the stuff I wrote while in college, since I really let all the stuff on here go. I went and read some of my old stuff, and I actually think my writing was better before I went to college...NOOOOooooooooooooo...! pen name, Cali Vinett, is actually based on the name of one of my characters. Cali's short for Calixte, the daughter of Nic and Isis Vinuiet, from my books. If I ever get them published, you'll see. I changed it to Vinett because I like it better. Has a nice flow, don'tcha think? If you see published books, they might be under my real name, which I will not disclose here. The titles are Malaengel, Angel Wings, Demangelon, and Hevanican Eclipse. I call them the Angel Series (at the moment), and they're mine! ALL MINE! MUAHAHAHAHA-hackhackhack - AHAHAHAAAAAA! Okay, about me... I love to write, but I'm definitely majoring in music. I've loved music my whole life, and couldn't bear to do anything else and brush it aside as a "hobby". I've invested too much time and energy in it. Um...essentially, I sing soprano (a lot of people think I'm a coloratura, which is wicked awesome), I play flute and piccolo, self-taught piano, and guitar. I've played cello, and I've played recorder (who hasn't?). I've tried clarinet, and trumpet (didn't like 'em ). I draw a lot, I can sorta act, and I write like a madwoman.

I'm dating my real dream guy - met him in college. I don't think he'll show up in any stories any time soon, but if that happens, I'll make sure to let you guys know ;)

So now that you know what makes me tick, read my stories and find out what else goes through my fascinating li'l head!
Or don't. I'm all about freedom of choice. :Grin:


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