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It is not to often where we experience kindness in the world, Most of us perceive it to be a cold cruel place with uncaring hearts, but few us us really have yet to see the truth, that yes there is kindness and the world is only cold and cruel because we make it that way and once we've started there's no turning back.

I've witness all kinds of kindness, knowing how vein it really is when it comes to the outcome of the givers life. Hell I've given some out myself. I'm not talking in the form of giving one a gift, helping another person with a task, difficult or not and I don't mean helping a little old lady cross the street. The type of kindness I refer to is the type you witness in ones eyes. The ones who where their heart on their sleeves and you instantly know it just by looking at them. We all love those types of people. yet we fail to see it when it comes to the animal kind. Instead we turn our heads and look away in disgust not thinking or even realizing the consequence of our actions.

We are pretty much blind to what the meaning 'cold cruel world' really is. The ones who understand it the most are the homeless and lost animals on the streets. The only thing that truly stands between us and out animal companions is a language barrier and because of this we become prejudice. We walk by a house with a cat in a window and a dog in the yard, and we just simply smile thinking nothing more than 'Oh what nice pets.' Yet when faced with a helpless animal we sneer and think 'What a dirty creature."

While not all are like this, I know a few who are and I just happen to be living with them. Today I felt as if I was caught between a rock and a very hard place. Today I met a stray cat. It was small, it was dirty, it was skinny as though it hadn't eaten in days or week, and though it looked like it had not been cared for at all, it still held no hatred for the creatures that made it's life that way, Humans. Us, People!

It didn't seem to care a bit to what the surrounding people in the neighborhood had dome to it. It just walked right up to me, rubbed itself against me and purred. Now I openly admit, I've never been much of a cat lover. Heck, I even had disliked them greatly at one point, I was all about dogs, that was until I got my first cat, and I fell in love. It was then I swore I'd only love one cat, and that was mine. 2 years later that would change when I met the stray today. I leaned down and pet it, something I never did with any-other cat. Not even my other families cats. It purred and looked at me with those 2 huge brown eyes and it was there I saw something that we have all been blinded to. Speech. The worlds "Help me. … Love me"

It was there in plain english and in those eyes I saw myself. And it was then I realized the hard truth for myself. The language barrier was never there. These animals where talking and we, as humans, we failing to listen. Why? Because we don't want to. We don't want to handle sadness. We want to carry on with our everyday lives and just imagine the world is pansies and rainbows. It's not. We as humans have failed. We as the species capable of giving kindness, love and help have failed. You may think differently saying we have shelters or some people take animals in. Well I only praise those that take those animals in and love them. Shelters are our evidence that we have failed. It is somewhere where we have put the sadness in our lives, a stone building were we can take our feelings, cage them there and then walk out feeling like the world is sunshine and roses again. I'm sorry to say this but that doesn't work that way. Sending an animal to a shelter, you have just automatically sentenced it to death row!

Today I cried, and I still am. My heart goes out to this cat that I have named windy, because by tomorrow animal control will have come and picked her up and then bring her to death row. I'm ashamed of myself that I couldn't help this animal. The most I could do was give it a bed made of a cardboard box and a towel, a handful of cat food and some water.

This sweet creature I was forced to shun by the hands of my parents. This sweet creature to which is the only one to ever make me cry as hard as I am might not live to see the outside would from a cage ever again. The 4 month old kitten that is lying on my porch in a cardboard box is evidence of our failure as human society to recognize and to realize that the world around us is not hard done by for humans. It's for the animals!

My name is Jaime and currently sit here as a witness to our failure and am deeply ashamed that I could not convince the cold hearts of this house to listen for just once second and think that maybe, just maybe we could open our doors to this one animal and show how much love we really can give. I'm ashamed of myself. By tomorrow this cat will be gone, but before the truck comes I will try again and I will fail. I will fail to let one heart know that I can not show the kindness it has showed me in return for the cruelty that society has given it, and I will fail to save its life. I just hope, that there is someone out there that will succeed in where I failed.

Like it's name, the wind will blow and it will be gone tomorrow, but the mark it has left in my heart will stay forever and I will cry for it. I just wish everyone could see what I saw in the cat's eyes and the heart it wore on its sleeve. I wish for someone to save it. I wish for it to be happy. I wish we would stop failing. I wish people were as kind as that kitten on my front porch step.

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