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well, well, so you want to read my bio. you must be insane, for i do believe that it contains a fair bit of craziness.

special note for "special" people* : look at the homepage thingy. do any of y'all seriously think that i'm a member of the all-american rejects? seriously? hmmm? i just love them so much and i'm too lazy to create my own homepage. so please stop emailing me for autographs and such!

SUPER AMAZING NIFTY FUN NEW ANNOUNCEMENT!* okies, all of y'all need (yes, you NEED to) go to /moon_song and have an amazingly fun time watching an endless loop of a very fun song!

okies, now about me! hee hee

Chris, Harris, and Jon are my life. and now, thanks to an impromptu voyage to Iceland on spring break, so is Bjorn. sigh...

Some call me...Lefty...and also Spanky...and also (oddly)...Moose...

i am from what can be considered the deep south, hence the somewhat overusage of the term "y'all"...i am a teenager and relatively short compared to the rest of my compadres. sigh...

my friends and i are very creative. just give us a digital camera, lots of cherry coke, and those little colored sprinkles ("mmmm...decors!") and we'll show you a good time. hehehehe...

i rarely have spare time on my hands, so that's why i have these huge gaps in my updating. sorry bout that...

hey, did any of y'all know that there is a difference in "baclava" and "balaclava"? i thought that it was just a change in dialects but apparently baclava is a food and a balaclava is a hat. you learn something new every day...

people in cars cause accidents; accidents in cars cause people

do unto others before they do unto you

words of wisdom that i learned in driver's ed (not from the teacher, though): "life is like a dick; when it gets hard, fuck it."

more words of wisdom: "it's better to be stupid with someone else than by yourself." that way, the other person will be thinking 'argh! i'm not stupid enough!' and completely freak out and that's really fun to watch.

here are a few lists of stuff for y'all's enjoyment (or hatred. go on, i'm sure you're not the first. actually you're definitely not the first. oh well...)

things i like: chocolate, funny movies, getting an A on anything, Inuyasha, Michael Vartan, Orlando Bloom, my cat, my fluffy quilt, indoor plumbing, snow (even though i never get any), my best friend's older brother (harris), all my best friends (i have forgotten their names, sorry) (hehe just kidding, y'all), dr. pepper (the man and the drink), history class (surprisingly), caffeine, q tips (wouldn't it be gross if there were no q tips), ferrets, raspberry creme savers, long moonlit walks on the beach (corny but true. except i don't live near a beach...), fuzzy slippers, the father raperman song (to the tune of the father abraham song. and it actually does make more sense than the original song), Majubaleg the drunken sailor (he is my lover), my purple bra, the starlings, Majubaleg's brother Grik, Dashboard Confessional, duct tape, , that hot guitarist from matchbox20, my new haircut!, Dustin the scruffy hot world champion unicyclist (no, i'm not joking),

things i don't like: my 8th grade civics teacher, dishwater that makes your hands smell funny even after you've finished with all the dishes, commercials that cut off a movie at a cliffhanger, library overdue notices (seriously, it's only ONE week late! i'll pay you the frigging 20 cents!), swimming into the laneline of the pool by accident, my school shoes (they're out to kill me.), that little history checker thing on the computer (damn the person who invented that), when you drop a lollipop on the couch and it gets those weird fuzzy things on it, the weird fuzzy things that get on lollipops when you drop them on the couch, molasses (by itself. i like it in things like spice cookies but by itself it smells really nasty) (in this context, nasty=gross. not perverted nasty. you know what i'm talking about, mustard yellow sunshine!), bio exams, french exams, math exams, the crunchy sugar bits that don't scrape off the pan when you bake spice cookies, those perverted guys who look up your skirt when they walk up the stairs behind you, goosebumps on your legs that make you feel like you haven't shaved in a week, sunburns, those harry potter jellybeans (yes, they actually DO make those)

mah favorit commmerciales (say it with a cajun accent):
~the pizza hut (or dominos. whatever) one for the cheesy bread with the cute little girl who says "you're free cheesy bread! you're free!"
~that hot new gap commerical with the guy who just keeps putting his pants on
~the quizno's one with those funny-looking hamster things singing "because they are good to us!"
~the juicy fruit commercial where all the office people are dressed up as stuff like filing cabinets and window scenery and water machines and they attack each other for the juicy fruit

okies, here is the new and somewhat revised list of movies, songs and quotes. they went and deleted themselves somehow...*coughff.netnaziscough*

a list of a few favorite movies...

lord of the rings~yay! the third one is out! i don't need my bootlegger anymore! i wish pippin lived with me, along with legolas...mmm, legolas...

harry potter~i swear to whatever god is out there that i will marry harry one day. and if not harry then oliver wood...

pirates of the caribbean~ okay, who DOESN'T like this movie? it has the glorious orlando bloom in it! and johnny depp, who looks quite hotly for a 40something guy. (*according to the often-correct seventeen magazine, johnny depp is my soulmate! thank you mommy, for letting me be born as a sagittarius!)

amelie~i just love all the crazy french people in it (sorry to all the frenchies reading this, but you are all represented by loons). before i graduate, i swear that i am going to play the gnome-snatching trick on my school's honor counselor; she has these gnomes in her office and they're just waiting to be sent off to foreign countries.

the blair witch project~okies, this movie was really boring the first time i saw it. then i watched it again (on a sugar high) and it scared the bejeezus out of me. but we don't own it anymore because my dad traded it in to blockbuster for a discount on 'finding nemo'...pooh...

casablanca~okay, so i haven't seen it yet. but everyone who has says that it is really good...

the breakfast club~ does anybody know WHY it is called the breakfast club? they don't eat breakfast at all and there is no mention of breakfast till the end, when they name themselves the breakfast club. despite this, i still love it for the scene where they all go dance on the library balconies. and for emilio estevez when he was cute

ferris bueller's day off~this is exactly what i would do if i could. well, i would be the girlfriend who really doesn't do much and just sits and looks pretty while watching ferris and cameron run around.

the princess bride~*glomps westley*

robin hood: men in tights~ "we are men, we're men in tights (tighty tights!)"

the meaning of life~a monty python movie. bwahahaha. i've still got the 'every sperm is sacred' song stuck in my head. this is literally one of the best movies of all time. i like the tiger scene and the sex ed class scene bestest.

life of brian~also done by the marvelous monty pythoners, so it has to be good. set around the time of jesus but centers on brian, who is a nobody guy and rather funny. you watch it just for the credits scene with all the guys being crucified and singing "always look on the bright side of life" and whistling the tune. dee doo, dee doo, dee doo dee doo...

monty python and the holy grail~ obviously, another monty python production. "what is the average airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?" " african or european?" "i don't know that! aaaaagh!" and another one! "your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!" and yet another! "some call me...tim..."

the 10th kingdom~ i have seen this movie so many times. so many. an insane number of times. it is insane due to the fact that this movie is 9 hours long. yes, i did say nine. but it is a very good movie; one that all of you should watch (look for the tail-petting scene; quite sexy!)

sleeping beauty~okay, so it's a disney movie. but it was before disney got all we're-big-and-powerful-and-we're-going-to-corrupt-the-minds-of-the-masses-with-crap-that-nobody-in-their-right-mind-would-watch-but-we-have-a-name-brand-so-everyone-will-be-drawn-to-us-like-bees-to-honey. prince philip is so hot! (for a cartoon figure)

ocean's eleven~ okay, it has george clooney, brad pitt, bernie mac, josh jackson (cameo scene), and topher grace (from that 70s show) (he's in the same cameo scene as josh jackson; the one where brad pitt is teaching them how to play poker). so why wouldn't you watch it? i haven't seen the original yet, but i intend to.

the matrix~only the first one. the other two were really bad and not-good. the first one made you think and wonder, the second one kicked you down while you were still thinking of how great the first one was, and the third one stomped on your face with golf cleats.

the full monty~okay, take six unemployed guys who haven't told their wives that they're unemployed so they need lots of money fast and what do they do? why, the answer is simple! they become strippers! i love the scene with the guy dancing in the headlights to "you sexy thing".

bean~ it is a full-feature film with mr. bean, 'whistler's mother', and teddy. insanely funny.

french kiss~ it's really sweet, hint hint to boyfriends who need to do something nice so they don't get dumped...

city of angels~this movie is really sweet but also kind of creepy in the fact that angels are always watching you. but the nicholas cage/meg ryan pairing is great. especially when she teaches him a thing or two, nudge nudge...

a knight's tale~ whee! heath ledger!

crouching tiger, hidden dragon~i wish i could get kidnapped by the mongolian bandit...why is my life so boring?

the wedding singer~ the only adam sandler movie that i actually like.

alrighty, here is an insane amount of my favorite quotes. read them or not, i will still love you.

"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today."- James Dean

"You have to laugh at yourself because otherwise, you'd cry your eyes out."- Indigo Girls

"If love were a choice, then who would ever choose such exquisite pain?"- 'Anna and the King'

"There is no pleasure in having nothing to do. The fun is in having lots to do and not doing any of it."-unknown

"...oh I can see it now. And it is glorious."- Fez, from that 70's show

"To find a real friend in a lifetime is good fortune. To keep him is a blessing."- proverb

"Fear makes strangers out of people who should be friends."- Shirley MacLaine

''Imagination is more important than knowledge."- Albert Einstein

"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."- Will Rogers

"nothing except a stick, a dog, and a box with something in it..."- The White Stripes

"Anyone who thinks that sunshine is happiness has never danced in the rain."- anonymous

a lady to Winston Churchill: "If you were my husband, I would poison your coffee."
his response: "Madam, if I were your husband, I would drink it!"

"All who wander are not lost."- JRR Tolkein

"I have seen the future and it's just like the present, only longer."- my uncle

"I've had a perfectly wonderful evening, and this wasn't it."- Groucho Marx

"If we couldn't laugh, then we'd all go insane."- Jimmy Buffett

"Aw, 200 channels and nothing but cats."- the simpsons

"Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love."- Charlie Brown

"A person's a person, no matter how small."- Dr. Seuss

"Just because it's a serious world doesn't mean you can't play in it."- Michael Jantze

"I can resist anything but temptation."- Oscar Wilde

lalala, here are some of my favorite songs. yes, believe it or not, there are lots more. see why i write mostly songfics?

Start the Commotion- The Wise Guys_The Way- Fastball
Beautiful Day- U2_Meet Virginia- Train
Everything is Wonderful- Everclear_Smooth- Santana
Rest- Saliva_Save Tonight- Eagle Eye Cherry
Still Waiting- Sum41_Babylon- David Grey (sp?)
One Headlight- The Wallflowers_ Happy- Sister Hazel
Where are you Going?- Dave Matthews Band_Going Under- Evanescence
Miss American Pie- Don McLean_Magic Carpet Ride- Steppenwolf
Summer Girls- LFO_When the Lights Go Out- Five
Devil Went Down to Georgia- Charlie Daniels Band_Mr. Jones- Counting Crows
Ice Ice Baby- Vanilla Ice_Trouble- Pink
We Danced it Anyways- Jennifer Davids_3 Wooden Crosses- Randy Travis
You Sexy Thing- Hot Chocolate_Feeling This- Blink182
Where are you Now?- Michelle Branch_Last Kiss- Pearl Jam
The House of the Rising Sun- The Animals_Numb- Linkin Park
Otherside-Red Hot Chili Peppers_Toxic-Britney Spears
Do You Have A Little Time-Dido_Who Makes You Feel-Dido
I Hate Everything About You-Three Days Grace_Volcano-Damien Rice
Kryptonite-3 Doors Down_Love Song-311
Bloody Mary-Five for Fighting_You Spin Me Around-Dead or Alive
I Miss You-Blink182_This Love-Maroon5
Last Train Home-Lostprophets_Megalomaniac-Incubus
Runaway Train-Soul Asylum

and to all of you who just scrolled past my autobiography just to get to my stories or my favorites lists, shame on you. but i still love all of you, you know that, right? (except for celeste patten, who is pure evil. celeste, if you are reading this, let this be known: i do not like you. everyone else who read that last line, good for you. i like reading notes written to other people too!)

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