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NAME: Repsychus
AGE: old enough to write...
BIRTHPLACE: loserville, if you really want to know.
APPEARANCE: don't ask, I won't tell you anyway.
GENDER: uhhhh...what do you think I am?
HAIR COLOR: midnight black, you know, like ebony.
EYE COLOR: scarlet red, tinted with a slight gray-gold...(*coffyeahrightcoff*)
OCCUPATION: besides being an evil freak?
PERSONALITY: A cool, calm and overall averagely evil person. Spends a lot of time writing, drawing manga and watching anime. A complete freak for anything Japanese, has spent much time (mostly during math class) perfecting art and writing. Loves poetry (especially Poe and Shakespeare) and is very dark when it comes to first impressions. Overall a very confusing person...
FAVORITE SAYING: "Otaku or Die."

11/3/03 11:07PM Status: FB - "frickin' bored"
Hello, everyone. How's it going? I'm just hangin' out here, doing absolutely nothing, bored off my butt. Why, you ask? Because I've only started one story, and it's taking forever to complete... Damn! I need to get things done, or I'm screwed!Ugh... There are so many ideas swimming in my head, but they're all for other things. GRRR! Stupid Goddess of Poetry and Writing, GIVE ME INSPIRATION!!!! *continues ranting insanely to the sky*

Rage: Man, I think our creator's gone nuts...(as though that's new?) I think we need to tie Repsychus up or something; go get a straight jacket so we can throw this psycho in it. Hey! You listening to me, Solasair?!

Solasair:Nope, can't hear you...I'm too busy snuggling with Aki...*grabs Akio and hugs him tight*

Rage: *screams something in ancient youkai about yaoi-crazed authors and their disgusting characters* *is beaten to a bloody pulp by Solasair*

Bird: *holds up sign that reads: "Disregard all their idiotic ramblings. They do this often...Toodles!"*

11/10/03 3:35PM Status: SH - "So Happy!!!"
I am so frickin' excited! You see, Olena (an awesome and completely wonderful author that can entrance you with her art and writing style) and I have started a CROSSOVER FIC!!! My very first EVER!!! So far all we have is one chapter, a very confusing (but good!) plot, and two hot bishies (Eric and Rage). I just want to hug Lena so badly for letting me work with her; it's as though I've been touched by an angel! Anyway, chapter six of Broken Bird is up. Hope to see you guys soon!!!*hugs everyone*

11/19/03 11:25 PM Status: FS - "frickin' sick..."
UGH...I feel so...bleargh...I need more sleep, more rest. Hell, I just need somethin' to take this flu away...Oh, sorry to bother you with my physical condition...Updates: New story. Peaches with Coffee. It's gotten a lot more reviews than I expected, but, then again, it IS yaoi...*smiles weakly* I love writing this stuff...Anyways, read and hopefully I'll be well enough to do the next update...yeah...whooo...*falls over dead*

11/28/03 4:10 PM Status: JO - "Just okay..."
Hello, everyone. I just got up my new fic "The Temple of Lemons." This is bascially where I let all my sexual frustrations out. It's actually quite good, even though I know most of you are probably against it... I know for a fact that some of my friends are going to be so pissed off at me for "cheapening my writing," but it's what I like to do.

Anyways, I hope to get at least a few reviews, considering I've only written a few lemons in my day; I'm such a whimp! I hope all goes well *sweatdrop*...

12/1/03 4:09 PM Status: NC - "No comment."
I'm sorry to inform you all that I will be taking an extended leave of absence from writing in any of my stories (save my crossover fic with Lena). I will be back around late December, and hope to see you then. It's just a few personal issues I have to sort out...sorry... Anyways, I am planning on having gifts for all who have reviewed PwC and BB, so this little "siesta" should be worth it. *smiles* Thanks for your understanding...


3/17/04 11:45 PM Status: TAAL - "Tired as all Hell"
Wow...*looks back at all previous entries* I haven't been updating this very much now, have I? *sighs* I guess things have gotten in the way too much... -_-;; In any case (for those who CARE), I'm back and in action, though somewhat tramatized from the whole "yaoi-haters" and such, but, other than that, I'm fine. I've continued PwC, and it seems that it's going to be going for quite a while (14 CHAPTERS?!?!?!?!?!?!?! HOLY CRAP! ! ! !). I pray you don't get bored with me! ^_^;; Oh, and, as for BB, it's taking a bit of a break so I can finish up things, but IT HAS NOT ENDED! ! ! ! ! I just want to make sure I do everything right... Much love! Toodles! : )

10/6/04 2:00PM Status: CH - "Computer Hating"
Yes, for those of you who thought I was having computer issues, you were right...No, I did not die and, yes, I hate asparagus. *laughs* Anyways, sorry for the wait people. I'm back - I hope - and in some form of action...(we pray) Though I have been gone for long, please do not distress. I'm staring PwC up again after my computer crashed five times, destroyed a lot of my documents and left me Microsoft Wordless for about a month. Though, thankfully, Word is working once more and it's allowing me to write. I may not be able to get up to speed until we work out all the kinks, but, hey! I'm tryin'. Anyways, thanks to the people that have dealt with my bullsh*t through countless days of waiting and observing, many a Friday of weeping and, certainly, more frustration than a fan should experience. (not that I have any fans, mind you) Thus, in short, I am here, I'm alive and I'm writing. Much love! Toodles! :)

~ Repsychus ~

PS: I WILL be continuing RoD with Lena, but have also started a comic with her as my shading artist. *hugs Lena* Isn't she the most wonderful person EVER?!?! Anyways, expect RoD in next few days (go see it on Lena's profile, because that's where it is. ^^;; ) and I'll be giving out linky for comic as soon as I finish the first chapter! *glares at Demon Scanner* Much love! ^^ Toodles.

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