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I always read the last page of a book first so that if I die before I finish I'll know how it turned out--Nora Ephron

EDIT: As of 8/120/06 I am officially back and preparedto begin my stories up again. Partners is a completely different style and genre than Shadows, which is being edited. I suggest that you read one or the other, as they are completely opposite.

I'm into writing long romances that have complicated twists and turns and very many important characters. My only fault is that I am the queen of destroying a story because i don't think anyone likes it. So if I only have a few reviews I tend to think everybody hates my work.

Partners in Hell: So I lost all my notes on this and really don't know what was going on. I reread it and am now very irritated with the style in this. I will try very hard to begin updating again. With my luck, I might get about 3 chapters in before I get my computer taken away again. But, yes I AM continuing this no matter how it may look, but it may take me a while to start to like my own storyline again.

Shadows of Silver Blood: EDIT; as of 8/12/06 the story is deleted but will be remade. Ok this can be a little deeper and darker than Partners in Hell. The other story was just something I was playing around with. This one is more of a project for me and I take more pride in it. So I have a firmer grasp on this story now than when I started it. But just as in Partners, I hate the style of it so I will be doind massive edits. I actually had about 8 extremely long chapters saved into my computer before I took the time to reread it and realized it was in need of a major reconstruction

The Wolf Lore: This is for all intents and purposes, a ONE SHOT. I have absolutely no story behind this and I originally wrote it for school. Even if I do get a lot of people asking me to continue it, I can't, because I wouldn't have anywhere to go.

Clear-Eyed Bane: Originally a spin off of my now deleted and waiting to be remade Shadows story, this is abit confusing, but I still take pride in it. Also a one-shot.

But please read my stories, it gaves me a huge ego boost, which i direly need at those moments when I stare at the stuff I've written and the only coherent thought I have is : yuck!

If you want to be emailed when I put up a new chapter, say so in your review, or email me directly to ask.

If you want to be a beta reader, which I need sorely, than ask me in an email.

all reviewers rock my pretty checkered socks.

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