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I'm a terribly confused (aren't we all) preteen writer/artist. I love my books;they are my babies. Take my babies, and I will inflict pain upon you. I love to pretend I can write and draw. (notice pretend). The color pink makes me feel floaty/happy/bubbly. My hobbies include any form of art, reading, writing, swimmeing, tennis, and my computer. *hugglez computer* Sometimes I think that if I concentrate REAL hard, I might be able to fly or talk to animals;haha. (Read Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce and you will will see...) I fully support the 'what goes up must come down' theory and am convinced that if I wish for something really hard, it won't happen. But if I wish for it not to happen, it will! Strangely enough, if you try to trick it and pretend that you don't want something, just so it will happen, then the world of fortune smacks you upside the head and doesn't turn. But enough blabbering...on with the story making!!!!!!

My lovely Quotes:

"True love is knowing when to let go." --White Olleander.

"Dreams do come true...if your one of the people others dream about." --random magazine.

"When you assume you make an ass out of U and ME!!!!" --don't know where it originated, but I got it from S. J. Maas.

"If life gives you lemmons, throw them at someone!"--a good quote to live by...

1/16/04--Happy New Year all! I'm sooo sorry this chapter took so long! But there were some un-ignorable plot changes I nedded to make. I promise not to take that long with coming chapters. As always, please read and reveiw, your support keeps me going! I'll try to post some pathetic poetry or something to keep you occupied between updates. If you have story questions or would just like to talk, feel free to email or instant message me! Hope to talk to you all later! Chow for now!

12-8-03--Hey I'm currently doing a full rewrite of chapter 1 and preparing to post chapter two. Christmas is coming and so are mid term exams so it may be more difficult for me to find time to write...I'll try my best though!

Good Reads- Ok ANYTHING by Tamora Pierce!!!/ The Unicorn Chronicles by Bruce Coville/ (ok i kno these are low reading level, but their so sweet!- Ella Enchanted & the Two Princesses of Bamaar, /The sword and the hero's crown By Robin Mckinley, /

Ok heres were I tell you about all of my stories (well, only one now...):

A Fire That Burns Within- Aloet Haycien's world is crumbling beneath her. Discovering well hidden roots of royal heritage and being the object of an ancient prophecy are enough to send her head spinning! When her brother is captured by the raiders that plague her country, she is sent on the wildest quest of her life where only love, courage, and her unexplored new magic can see her through. “For Thaen! And all of Ashtohlyn!“

A/N- Ok this story will be broken up into 4 parts. The first, the shortest, will take place with a 12 yr old Alet. It's kind of like a prologue I guess, but 6 chapters is hardly short enough to be a proloue... The other 3, much longer, will have a 15 yr old Alet. Don't worry, you'll understand what I mean Whan you read. Please R&R!!!!!

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