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I have A LOT of pet peeves. I think it has something to do with having a lot of teachers who have pet peeves. I'm bored and avoiding studying for exams, so I'll list them. I hate it when:
-people regard the keyboard as the same thing as the piano 'cause it's NOT! Just because you play the piano does not necessarily mean you can play the keyboard. I know. I play both. They are not the same so don't talk about stuff you don't understand.
-people pronounce 'year' as 'ear.' It's so damn common, no one even notices it, but you really should try to pronounce the 'y.'
-the person who uses the locker beside me opens their locker door so far out that it crams into my space and the person on my other side pushes my locker door in on me. It's so annoying!
-people ask the same question over and over again. Ask once and remember. Your memory can be used for more things than just memorizing song lyrics!
-people, especially girls, act stupider than they really are just to look 'cute.' There's this one girl in my school who is soooo aggrievating. She screams at just about everything and then gets all fake-defensive when someone calls her annoying.
-pink dominates all other colours. I hate pink. It annoys me. It reminds me of ditzes. It reminds me of matierialism-based love - in other words, fake. And most importantly, it reminds me of blush. I hate blush. Don't ask me why. I just do.
If you wish to debate one of these pet peeves with me or just have a chat, I do have MSN Messenger and my email is stated above.

I have recently found out that the U.S.A. grading system is somewhat different from that of Canada, where my stories take place. Therefore, so that you do not get the idea that the people in my stories are incredibly stupid, I've put up the Canadian grading system here. It is as follows:
86%+ = A
73%-85% = B
65%-72% = C+
60%-64% = C
50%-59% = C-
-49% = F

K, these are just the sumaries of the stories I'm working on, in long version.

Jo's at the limit of her patience with her dysfunctional family. Her brother, Michael, is a big time lawyer in California who never visits and rarely calls or writes. Trisana married into a rich European family and 'doesn't have time to see the folks.' And Holly's the girlfriend of an East Side pimp. Then there're Jo's parents, disagreeing on everything except their determination that Jo is going to be the one to turn out 'right.'
Except that their idea of 'right' doesn't sit well with Jo. So she sets out to be herself, with or without her parents' permission. And that means going out into the world and doing her own thing.

Fifteen-year-old Kelly Piketon got kicked out by her mom and started living on the streets. She figures she's doing okay. After all, she'd been expecting and preparing for this for years.
The streets have three simple rules: don't mess with anyone, don't keep with anyone, don't trust anyone. Except Kelly finds herself trusting someone. A few someones, actually.
First, there's Tanya, the daughter of a drug dealer who's in love with one of her dad's customers. Her brother, Ian, who wants to go away to art school rather than follow in his father's footsteps. Danny, a ten-year-old tough guy with a big heart under the act. And Drake. The zoned-out loner punk who shows up when he's needed, but is nowhere to be found the rest of the time.

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