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11/05 - Yay! ^_^ The second collection of poems is now uploaded. :) Please R&R!

10/28 - I finished my first collection of poems. Don't worry though, I'll be having a second volume uploaded soon. ^_^

10/18 - I finally have the story up. PLEASE R&R, this is my first story. I hope you like it! :)

10/13 - I have a story that I will be putting up soon. I hope you guys like it. ^_^ I'll tell you when its up.


Hmm, how should I start off this bio? Who would be reading this anyway? Ah well, I guess I'll just write it to do something...

Okay, here are the basics about me:

Name: Star-Gir1 (haha, not telling!)
Age: 14
Currently Living: in the USA!
Belief: I am a proud Christian!
Favorite things to do: Play the violin, read, work on my 3 websites, listen to music, write poetry, play on my brother's GameCube (hehe), and I do enjoy a bit of photography. ^_^
Least favorite things to do: Cleaning my room, homework (obviously), and sitting around doing nothing.
Favorite bands: Rebecca St. James, Rachael Lampa, Jars of Clay, Mercy Me, Stacie Orrico, Sonicflood, etc., etc., etc.
Favorite songs:

"Go and Sin No More" - Rebecca St. James
"Psalm 119" - Rebecca St. James
"Day of Freedom" - Rachael Lampa
"I Could Sing of Your Love Forever" - Jars of Clay
"Above All" - Rebecca St. James
"Lift Me Up" - Jars of Clay
"Jesus Freak" - dcTalk
"Grace and Love" - Kutless
"1000 Miles" - Vanessa Carlton
"I Want to Fall in Love with You" - Jars of Clay
"I Want to Know You More" - Sonicflood
"Reborn" - Rebecca St. James
"Expressions" - Rebecca St. James
"God" - Rebecca St. James
"Ride" - Stacie Orrico
"Everything" - Stacie Orrico
"Kaleidscope" - Rachael Lampa

Randomness: My favorite book of the Bible is Revelations, I go to an arts school, and I am just a regular, average girl! ^_^

My favorite Bible verse: "Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may go through the gates into the city." - Revelations 22:14

Thank You/Inspiration:

God - Without Him, I would have never written these poems. He is my inspiration for most of my poems and my story. :)

Rebecca St. James - Her songs are so beautiful and uplifting, she truly inspires me to write my poetry. To people who have never listened to her songs, I recommend them to you.

Myself - My life itself has inspired me to write. I would have never written these poems/story if my life wasn't like it is now.

My favorite authors at FP! :) They're awesome writers, and have given me wonderful and sweet reviews! ^_^ Check out their writings sometime!

Heart of the Sword
JJR Meerraf
Needa S
Quixotic Coyote
Songbreeze Swifteye
The First Knight of Jane

Nothing else that I want to say. I will be writing more stuff in the bio later, I just don't feel like writing it now. :) PLEASE read and review my writings! :) God bless!

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