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Hi-hi fanfic readers! I'm honored if you actually consider to read my fics/profile! (Jena's current note on her original greeting: x.X wow. I was a raging geek, wasn't I?)

I want to take a moment to thank everybody who takes the time to read my fics, and a bigger thanks to those who take a moment to review. You've all made me feel very loved and welcomed here on, and for that I'm honored.

Okay, enough of my gushing, lets do this. Uhh... this is a bit long, so be warned... *bows* Here goes!

Age: 18 (ahhhhh! Adulthood! Save me!)

Gender: Female

Eye color: I'm gonna say gray. That's a safe choice since they always change color.

Hair: Long, dark brown

Nicknames: Jen, Jena, Jensu-chan, Bird-chan, Birdy, Birdie, Yuki, Penguin-san, Phoenix, Squeek Toy, Wolf-chan, Kaitou-chan, Feng(-chan), Videl, Trunks (where the hell did THAT one come from??), Yugi, Malon, Energizer Squirrel (I keep talking, and talking, and talking...),... (and the list goes on)

Grade: Out of high shool, but not in college yet

State: Massachusetts

Relationship status: Single again. ^^;

Things I'm good at: Drawing, singing, writing, and making people laugh. *smiles* Usually at my own expense.

Thing's I'm bad at: Everything else. Especially cooking. ^_^;

Things that annoy me: My voice and my handwriting. I sound like I'm six and I write like a guy.

Things that amuse me: Almost anything. And shiny things. Shiny things make the world go round.

Bravest thing I've ever done: Class act. It's my school talent show. I got up on stage in front of 200+ people and sang. I got a demi-standing ovation... almost died, but I still did it.

Stupidest thing I've ever done: CLASS ACT!! I don't care if it turned out okay! I *hate* being up in front of crowds!! And people are still stalking me...

Favorite color: Emerald green

Favorite book series: Animorphs, Harry Potter, Everworld

Favorite animes: Yu-Gi-Oh!, Card Captor Sakura, Kaitou Saint Tail, Digimon, Pokemon, Ranma 1/2, Inu-Yasha, Tenchi Muyo/Universe (but not Tokyo! It was so bad! Ick.), The vision of Escaflowne, Galaxy Frueilin Yuna (tho I only saw Galaxy Frueilin Yuna ~Returns~ ^^;; ), DragonBallZ (Ack!! I've crossed over to the dark side! Gomen ne to all the people that bashed it with me! ^^;;; Gohan and Trunks are just TOO kawaii to hate!!!)

Favorite music: J-pop

Favorite CD: CCS character songbook

Favorite song: Shuffle (from Yu-Gi-Oh. Battle City opening. XD Maliku!)

Favorite movie: The second Card Captor Sakura movie! It was soooooo kawaii! Syaoran smiled for nearly the whole thing! And I never knew Meiling-chan to be so… nice…

Favorite guys in anime: Ryou Bakura!!, Malik Ishtar, Li Syaoran, Yamato Ishida, Mousse, Ranma Saotome, Son Gohan, Son Goten, Trunks Briefs (*drools over bishies*)

Favorite girls in anime: Kujaku Mai, Anzu Mizaki(too lazy to check if i got her name right ; ), Kinomoto Sakura, Kari Kamiya, Sora Takenouchi, Akane Tendo, Videl Satan, Son Pan

Favorite girls in Video games: Noa (Legend of Legaia), Meru (Legend of Dragoon), Rose (Legend of Dragoon), Cornet (Rhapsody: A musical adventure), Kururu (Rhapsody: A musical adventure), Lucia (Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete), Jean (Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete), Ruby (Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete)

Favorite boys in Video games: Vahn (Legend of Legaia), Dart (Legend of Dragoon), Elazul (Legend of Mana), Ferdinand (Rhapsody: A musical adventure), Hiro (Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete), Nall (Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete)

Least favorite guys in anime/video games: Davis Motomiya, Gala (Legend of Legaia), Honda Hiroto (GAH! DIE BITCH! You hit Bakura-chan!!! XO)

Least favorite girls in anime: Mimi Tachikawa, Yolei Inoue

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