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Name: Jadine

Age: 15

Likes: Writing, sports, reading, acting like a fool with friends, finishing things, daydreaming, motivation.

Dislikes: Spiders, failing, being too lazy, not updating her stories.


Yii! I'm back!

After a two year "hibernation", I've finally picked up the threads of my stories, and hopefully I'll start weaving them into something again.

So, it's been almost two years, and I've gotten older and much more mature...

And much more busy.

So, I'm gonna try to write as much as I can and update every so often...As much as possible, given my schedual.

BUT at least I'm still here, trying again to do something with these creations.

If you look up at the top of the page at my "dislikes"; Yeah, it says I don't like it when I don't update my stories. And I don't! I feel guilty and frusterated with myself. And then when I sit down to do something with my stories, I immedatly get writer's block and, after a long session of teeth-grinding and keyboard bashing, I find something else to occupy my mind.

Story info:

Ahh-! All the first and or later chapters of my stories need to be rewritten! AHH!

Bet you didn't know: Poem. It's complete.

Black Cat's Magic: This one was my first one. I'm sorry, but it's discontinued. It's not coming back.

In the Dark:This one is being looked over. I'll decide whether or not I'm going to continue working on it at this time soon.

Saranai: Needs a new name. Haha. And a new summary. Over the last while I've looked over this story a couple of times. A few months ago I printed it out and took a red pen to it, but I probably won't rewrite the first chapter for a while, no matter how rushed and/or scattered it is. Hopefully though I'm going to start on the 2nd chapter very soon.

Our World: Poem. Complete.

Times of Trouble: In a serious research stage. Don't worry, updates as soon as the storyline works it's way out of the tangled thoughts of history and into a sturdy idea. I'm hopeful (I'm always hopeful) that it will quite soon.

True Souls: On hold for lack of direction. I had direction, then I decided that direction was going in the wrong direction and set that direction off in another direction. I wish I hadn't of, though, because I want it back. Wish I hadn't sent it away...

Don't expect too much...But if I do update, please review and encourage me!

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