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Hey!! I am a fifteen year old girl with brown hair. I love writing, although my stories are all unfinished at the moment. I am also an avid reader. I ride english and western(my main pastime). I love jumping the most. Although I don't own a horse I do have a dog(Nani, 1 yr old Australian Shepherd) and a cat (Calley). I play tennis, the piano, and the flute. I have two younger brothers.
Favorite books/authors:Tamora Pierce, Mercedes Lackey, His Dark Materials(trilogy), Wheel of Time series, Abhorsen series, Harry Potter series, and many others

I just recently added the next chapter for The Dark City. I'm working on the next chapter for The Wizard's Sword right now. It is going to get more exciting. I know The Dark City started off quickly, this story just takes a little longer to get to the 'better' parts. I've added another chapter to The Wizard's Sword and it is finally getting more exciting! Please R&R it is very much appreciated. Which story do you like better? I want to know so that I can focus more on that one. If you like both let me know too, than I'll just alternate between each adding chapters. Can someone give me an idea for a summary for The Wizard's Sword? I can't think of anything good! It's so frustrating! Thanks:)

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