Constance Lupin
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Joined 1998, id: 3789 so many great Harry Potter fanfic writers, I seem to have multiple personalities.

I am a HS junior. If I don't write, I tend to get jumpy. I think if I go long enough without writing, I may explode, but don't care to test the theory.

Constance Lupin (my "pseudonym") will explain herself in a later story.

Yes, yes, I used to have fics (well, a fic) up. I reread it, decided I hated it, and took it down. It was SO cheezy I thought I was going to spew. I'll try and write something better, but until then, just bear with. I have a couple originals but the thing is... I want to publish them, so putting them up for all to see wouldn't be that good an idea. If you're dying to know, I may send you them. IF you're nice...

And if you need to know anything else, email me. It's just a few lines up from here...