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i come undone at the things he said &

we were all in love and we all got hurt

hey, my name's samantha. i'm currently writing a story called Somewhere In Between, and i hope you read and like it! i'm really horrible at sticking to a story, but i have a feeling i'm going to stick to this one. well, hopefully. okay, anyway...

i can't stand (on fictionpress): when characters aren't developed well or when authors don't update for ages. i hate characters that are too perfect or that have a million people in love with them (in the story, that is.) and i also hate when authors write unprofessionally when writing in first person. (Ex: Honestly! I had no idea. Jeez. You'd think a girl would know that!!! But, nooooo.) also, when it comes to reviews, i hate when authors beg for them or say stupid things like "ten more reviews and the next chapter comes up!" 'cause seriously, writing isn't about reviews. it's about personal enjoyment and the happiness of entertaining others. i've read a million stories that have less that twenty reviews, but are exceptionally good.

i loveeee (on fictionpress): now, for things i do like. lol. i love when a story can actually make me laugh outloud or get all teary eyed. because that means that the story was actually strong enough to really effect you. i love originality, but i love cliches even more. a walk to remember was one of my fav. movies, for crying out loud. i love the hott guy/nerdy girl hookups, it's one of my all time favorites! i like hott punk guys and sweet athletic ones. whatever, i just like guys in general. good grammar and no spelling errors in stories show that an author is serious about his/her writing.

things i like (in general):friends my sunbeam melodies, shopping, the mall, late night movies, silly string fights, the beach, my lovely super cool cousins, reading, writing (of course), presents, christmas, religion, ipods and cell phones, going to the movies, dancing, being young, ice cream, playing the piano, tennis, parties, music, s'mores mmm, cute shoes, aim, the beach, & more

i can't say i don't care about flames, because i do. & i have to say that i prefer constructive criticism.

now, if you've seen a really good cliche on this site (or if you wrote one), please tell me! i'll check it out, review it, and tell you what i think. because, a lot of the time, i'm really bored and need something good to read. so please! i'm tired of the same old stories and want to read others.

about my favorites- these people are really fantastic authors. if you have the time, look at them! u'll know what i'm into, and it'll give you an idea of how i want to write. if you like them, then you might like mine as well.

kay, that's it for now.


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