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A Little Bit About Me . . .

Real Name: Sarah

Nickname: Nova, Nova-chan or just N-chan (take your pick)

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Location: My computer chair, Minnesota

Recent Updates About Me: Well, I just graduated from high school a few weeks ago, and I've been taking advantage of the summer by hanging out with friends and going on vacation to Florida to visit my family. I'm working full-time to earn some cash for upcoming college expenses. x_x I'm taking my generals at a community college. Then, I plan to attend St. Thomas to major in Journalism and minor in Japanese. I hope to study abroad in Japan and hone my writing skills so that some day I can write for an anime magazine such as Newtype or Animerica. I also think it would be so much fun to conduct interviews at cons =3

Kyaa, I'm getting too excited XD

My Writing History: I've been writing for about 6 years now, and I hope to sharpen my skills as I enter college to major in Journalism. I remember my very first piece of fanfiction was something I wrote in 6th grade. It was a short one-shot concerning one of the pairings I've worked with the most in my writing career-- Ash and Misty from the infamous anime, Pokemon (yay, AAML!). As most would expect, it's a very horrible piece of writing and it brings me shame. -_- But it also helps to remind me how much I've advanced since then, and it pushes me to become a better writer day by day.

When I first discovered the joy of writing, I couldn't stop. I was a writing machine. At that age though, I didn't have much experience with writing and the careful planning it involves so my stories were lacking in the spectacular department. By becoming a member of the ever-so-lovable fanfiction.net, I read stories written by others and I quickly learned how to better myself and my stories.

As for original fiction, I'm still taking it slow and steady. I'm hoping to learn how to create in-depth characters and unique storylines, but for now, I've just been writing small things that come to mind. Sara is my most recent piece of fiction and I have yet to decide if I even want to continue with Nova's Legend.

In recent years, however, I've lost a little bit of my passion for writing. I'm an empty authoress. I think I just haven't had the time and patience to sit down and write like I use to.

But the thing that comforts me the most is that my writer's imagination is constantly whirring. More so as of lately. Whenever I watch a movie or read a book, my mind is always drifting... "Oooh. I could write an alternate ending... this could happen, and this..." and so on. I just haven't had the motivation to act on my ideas and pick up a pencil (or nowadays, keyboard) to write my ideas out.

I hope to regain my driving passion again soon!

I miss writing stories for myself and for other audiences.

Favorite Song of the Week:

"Lonely Day" By, System of a Down

Favorite Word of the Week:


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