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Hi, I'm Fenriswolf, a seventeen-year-old nerd with an like for werewolves and the like. I do graphic art regularly, all of which can be viewed at my devART page.

Here's some other stuff I like:
"Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd (I like weird things)
Hippie stuff (I'm a throwback to the sixties) Protesting (See previous comment)
TF stories and pictures, like TransFUR
Did I mention I like wolves? To me they're God's children.
Movies (I know a LOT how to review a movie. Don't even get me started about movie history.)
"2001: A Space Oddysey" directed by Stanley Kubrick, book by Sir Arthur C. Clarke (One of the greatest movies of all time.)
Dante's Inferno (Awesome book. You MUST read it)
The eighties (The best thing that happened to music, I say)
Wolves, dammit!

Things I don't like:
Wars (quite senseless things, all in all)
Greed (seems to me the very nature of the human)
Horror movies (I got a total of fifteen minutes of sleep the night after I saw "The Sixth Sense." Good movie, great story, but not my taste.)
Humans who think they're gods (Those are usually the people who screw up nature the most)
Celebrities with double-digit IQs who have the general public at their command (I won't mention any at the risk of flame wars)

I imagine that some people would wonder about the name. In Norse mythology (No, wait keep reading, it's not that boring) the Fenris Wolf was a child of Loki, the trickster god. He was a powerful beast who slaughtered entire villages at once and was predicted to be the death of Odin the All-Father during Ragnarok, the Nordic end of the world. Long ago (obviously, being a Norse myth) ,to subdue the Wolf, the gods took him to a rock in the middle of the ocean and wagered him that he could not break the chain he was then tied to. It was a strong chain, but the Wolf shattered it in a single kick. The gods then tied him to a stronger chain, but it was effortlessly broken. Finally, the gods asked the dwarves (I don't know where they came in) to create an indestructible fetter, so the dwarves created Gleipnir, a magical fetter made out of a mountain's roots, the sound of a cat's footfall, a woman's beard, a bear's sinew, a fish's breath, and a bird's spittle(who comes up with those ideas?) Gleipnir was as soft as silk, yet stronger than any chain ever made. The fetter was then brought to the Fenris wolf, and he was wagered once again to break it. He suspected foul play, so he asked the gods that one would put his hand in his mouth, as a symbol of luck (Cool, wolves could talk back then.) Tyr was the only god brave enough to do so (the only guy who had the grapes to feed that monster regularly,) so he stuck his right hand within the fierce jaws (brave or stupid?) The Wolf kicked the fetter, but it only tightened. Fenris kicked again, only to have it tighten on him again. Shocked, he clamped his jaws shut (Boy, I sure hope that Tyr was left-handed to begin with.) So, the Fenris wolf was left to stay, but he will eventually snap the fetter and cause mass destruction (pleasant, eh?)

If you're still reading this, I am happy that I did not bore you with my history lesson.

Updates: A werewolf story, updated seldom, unfortunately, but I will get it done in this lifetime.