The Unbreakable
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Maybe we'll cry, and we'll see our shadows, and we can put a gun to our head or drink a poison bottle of bourbon, and we can truly find out what absence really is. Or maybe we'll laugh, out of pure euphoria and alignment, and we can trust the inner monsters living inside of our mind, and we can become one with the silence. Or we could live on a rooftop in England, stare at the stars, kiss during a hurricane, and truly become the entity we wanted to be ever since we thought of each other.

I can always look back and wonder where the hell I was for all these years, but whenever I read a sentence that my favorite author has written, I feel that it is just for us. Whatever it says, even if bad or good, I know it pertains to our indestrucible rope, our unbreakable tryst, and every sacred committment we have ever made to each other either through spoken or computer written words. Ever since the moment we saw each other, we have opened up and with our hearts becoming pure, the blood has stopped flowing like the Nile River, and every raindrop that hits the street is our love, becoming a rainbow for everyone to see and for everyone to be jealous of.

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The Lost Colbas by Reakeda reviews
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