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Writing is a release.


Well, i thought that I might as well update the ol' bio. Yay for me! I figure I need to keep this thing fresh. No one likes stinky old bio.

Favorite places: -Barnes and Nobles! The smell of freshly printed and pressed paper, The rich aroma of brewing coffee, THE SWIRLY BOOKMARK SHELF! (I collect book marks . )

- Labadee Island in Haiti! It has black sand and the most beautiful water ever!

- Steamboat Colorado in the winter. I wuv skiing, I tried snowboarding but continuously busted bum.

- San Jaun Puerto Rican rainforest! I saw the worlds tiniest orchid!

- My bed!

Favorite Food: Hands down Mexican.I ate at the motherland and I can still attest California's is best!

Favorite Books/Authors: Duh, Anne Rice. The Beauty Series and all the original Vampire Chronicles. Also Wally Lamb who wrote She's Come Undone.

Hobbies: Writing, reading, fishing, eating, ANIMALS, sports (volleyball, softball, skiing (water and snow), singing in my car (It often tends to be the national anthem or Disney songs) TRAVELING! (I went cavetubing in Brazil!), Anime, cereal.

What I cherish more than anything else on this earth and if harm were ever brought to them I would exact the most heinous and malicious revenge ever witnessed by anything, anywhere, EVER- My family.

Happy ummmm Easter!


Brown Eyed BoY

Alright, it's finally been taken off. Never more will you have to lay eyes on this horrendous mistake.

The Love of the Rat

I have taken this story off due to my extreme hatred for it and lack of reviews.

The Vampire Laurel

If you've read what I have posted so far and can think of a better title then please do tell. I have other already written but not typed chapters ready to be put up. There is soon to be a curveball in the plot that, hopefully, will catch all who read it off gaurd.

Rational Insanity

I went off on a tangent when I wrote this. Anyone noticing that I only write from the male perspective? I love a certain freedom. Anyhow I have some interesting ideas for this one. Still typing away. I just JUST added a new chapter and have the next one already written.


Currently I am posting all the poems from my poetry book at school. There are quite a few so it will take some time.

Me and You? How About Us? (temporary title) (Ok, peeps, VEEEERRY soon I'm changing the title, so don't flip out when you can't find it.)

Check it out. Just do it. :) Another male perspective. I have interesting cult ideas brewing. I'm encouraged by all my avid fans. Every lovely review, eveything! The more you respond the more I write.

- I'm really posting away with this one! This story is top priority on my list of to do's and I have the next handful of chapters already planned out, which is an achievement since I never organize. So look forward to more chappies in the very near future.

btw, don't make me beg for reviews! Please tell me it sucks, is mediocre, kicks bum, anything!

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Me and You? How About US reviews
Slash St. George Academy for Boys: Let Your Light Shine. Collin had to leave his friends, his home, his life behind in Fl. for some uptight private school in Maine. But maybe he'll find a comforting familiarity in one of those uppercrust school boys.
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Alex, recently commited to Lankford Mental Institution, faces the grim possibility of having a family composed of obsessive compulsives, manic depressives, and 1 very gender challened boy. (ALL RE-TYPED. M/M. R&R. I reciprocate.)
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