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I enjoy writing fantasy, especially about fantasy archaeology. But I also like grand adventures, high fantasy, supernatural, and romance. I have two stories that are active: The Hunt and Unholy Alliances.

Unholy Alliances. Rated M for a reason. Lots of sexual content, some violence.

Unholy Alliances is the title of what I intend to write as a trilogy. Four kingdoms surround a mountain where a prophetess lives. The prophetess foresees that the kingdoms will be invaded and the only hope for their defense is an unborn warrior that can wield an ancient sword, who will be superior in strength to the invaders and can lead their armies to victory. This unborn child must be the offspring of two leaders who are sworn enemies. Meanwhile, trouble between the four kingdoms continues around them, despite the warnings of the prophetess that the only hope for victory is to be united with each other.

The Hunt. Rated T for swearing, drug use, and the usual crap that college students do.

The Hunt is an archaeology adventure story about a disgruntled former graduate student and her undergraduate field assistant, and friends they meet along the way. Samantha is an extremely serious, overachieving academic who gets burned by a scandal involving her professor and is forced to leave university. Determined to continue doing archaeology, she finds paid contract work, until one job leads her to discover a lost treasure, which is only the beginning of a much grander adventure than she could have ever imagined.

Feb. 5th 2010. I've posted the last two chapters to Unholy Alliances and changed its status to Complete. If you read it, please send me a note or a review. I'm currently looking for a beta who can help me find all the plot holes, inconsistencies, typos, and awkward grammatical constructions so that I can clean it up to a publishable state.

Also, newly in progress is the sequel book to Unholy Alliances.

Feb. 9th 2010

Added my first attempt at poetry: Dragon Origins. This poem is about the Dragon's creating of the world Rianu in my story Unholy Alliances.

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