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G'day people I thought it was about time that I updated my profile/bio thingy. That and I'm COMPLETELY bored. I'm so bored I'm nearly falling off my chair. *sigh*

Unfortunately I'm back at school. I swear it evil! Yr11 this year one year away from the big one, which is really kind of freaky. What else is there besides the dreaded torture chamber that some people refer to as school? What would I do? Proabably be happy, that or end up a fat blob stuck to the couch. That's what kind happened for most of the holidays. Hehe.

A lil about me:

Favourite things:

watching TV



Hydrosliding, wakeboarding, water skiing (1 ski), snowboarding

dancing around the living room with the music turned up really loud

just about all sports especially AFL football, rugby, tennis and netball

Lollypops, redfrogs and well lollies in general

Things I hate:


turkeys (scare the hell out of me) good to eat though

People staring at me and giving me strange looks. Happens a lot for some strange reason. I swear I'm normal...

What else...


I'm sure you've all fallen asleep by now...sleep...sounds good...

I'M GOING TO THE GREEN DAY CONCERT!!! Just thought you all should know. Hehe.

I have no idea what the point of this was, I think it was to amuse myself. Any hoo thanks to all my reviewers I love you all and hopefully I'll have time to keep updating but if i don't you can't blame me. Blame my evil school! Also if you're looking for a good story read "That'll Be Me" by Pancake Bandit.

The best things in life are often the most simple things, so don't stress about the complicated things.

You live life once so live it too the fullest and don't look back because it onlydistractsyour the future.

When in doubt listen to your heart for it will lead you to your destiney.

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