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Hio, I'm Shannon some might just call me Sylvia.
-green/yellow eyes
-light brown hair
-Linkin Park, Distrubed,Evanesence,Billy Talent, etc.
-Part of Butterfly Clan
-Also has account on
-Draws anime and or Manga
-Is a hyper retard, in love with Ice caps
-Loves winter and the Dark
-thinks halloween is the best! ^_^ Cosplay!
-makes new phrases up every day eg.
Meep to the beep! YAY! ^_^
Cheese? Still Cheese? moldy cheese? BLUE SPOTTED CHEESE!
Mr. Chubberwalker hasnt shown up for tea yet *tear*
- i love to make people laugh, and believe laughter is the best medicine
-also loves the simplest things, such as BEYBLADE! YAY! KAI IS SOOOOO HOT!O_o i think im weird too
- has msn so add me!
-Believes in magick
Sorry if my stories are alittle to serious, but funny on the way! DUN DUN DUN! I just decided to take a wack at trying to make sense, and a story line (i used a pinyata stick!) To Emmeline and Adely:
If ya read Silver Tear, dont worry I'm still the old me! I just decided well, what the heck! I'm gonna write! And so i have!
The Butterfly Clan will be up soon! ^_~

Safe driving! Thank ya folks! Aye Aye captain! Happy Mavence day! And Don't drink two week old left out coke!

Over and out!

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