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Welcome to my humble albeit novice page. My stories are completely my personal work; my blood, sweat and tears haha I'm exaggerating here. Well, I hope you'll enjoy my works, and if you please, do leave me a review; it is very much appreciated. Anyway, thank you for chancing upon my page and have a nice day!


Under construction!


I'm currently working on the fourth chapter. I would really definitely appreciate some ideas for the plots in the story. Some suggestions to help improve the current one? In the next chapter, the two guys vy for our princess' attention. I wonder who will win her heart temporarily. And a sudden arrival of an impending war turns the table of events as Lionus is enlisted to prepare for the war alongside with his father, the General. . Stay tuned!

The Art Of Prep Bitches

I'm going to change the title of the story to something along the lines of poison, deception and betrayal. I've done some research on lifestyles of the rich and popular lately, and i've decided to rewrite the entire story. Still chewing on my pencil though. The underlying story line is pretty much the same but the characters and their lives are set to be more complexed.

A Royal Affair

I am very much in love with this story! My brain juices have been gushing less than sparingly and its been quite a challenge jotting all the ideas down! BUT; I'll try my best to work on this! Overall, i'm going to tweak the storyline a little and ill try to spice things up!

In Chapter 2, Lauren is given two choices, either to join her mum and her perverted beau or follow her overtly masculine dad to an obscure state in Germany that probably didnt have the internet or cable!Eventually she chooses to follow her father, and when they arrive in the tiny state, the apartment that they were meant to live in was unfortunately destroyed in a fire! In a swift change of events, Lauren finds herself living in the palace, a corridor away from the handsome teenage prince!

New Stories!

Posh! :Cover Girl

Posh! is set around the lives of the super wealthy in the heart of the upper east side of NYC. Our main character is Clio Jacobs, a sophomore in the Windsor Elt Palante, an upbeat private all-girls school for the rich and famous.

The students are graded into cliques, from the very first day of school, Clio managed to secure herself a spot in the D-list-wannabes owing to her large and clumsy bone-structure and preference for unbranded items. But things take a wild turn during her summer break when Clio is offered a recording contract at her mother's recording company, the ever prestigious 'Lavva Gazza'. Contacts exchanged, Clio finds herself in a blooming relationship with the lead singer of the hottest band in town.

Ascending in the social ranks, Clio's life begins to take a drastic turn. Her once private albeit anti-social lifestyle is replaced with gala-events, late-night clubbing and social pages; yet along with this, our protagonist gradually undergoes a personality change for the worse. How can she convince her friends and lover that she was still the girl they used to love? Stay tuned! :)

Whispers of the Wind

Set in the heart of the Australian outback, Chreale takes the centre-stage when her home and tribe is destroyed by the ruthless King's army. Together with fellow tribesmen and women, they are captured as slave labourers to work and toil in the palace. Filled with hate towards these sovereigns, Chreale defies all their commands and is often tortured.

But when the prince returns from his expedition, she is assign to be his chamber maid. As the days pass, her anger and hatred for these roaylties are ebbed away as she develops a friendship with the prince. Hidden deep in the jungles, her tribe had gathered numerous rebels from all tribes over the kingdom. They are led by Tamerlane, Chreale's bethrothed. Torn between the two ends, Chreale has to make the toughest decision of her life; to honour her race or protect the man she had come to love.

Mischa's Red Carpet

Raised in an upper-class family amongst the wealthiest people in NYC, Mischa has always felt like a misfit in her uber-rich and famous family. Unlike the other 'cheer-lead tammy girls' in her school, Mischa is silent and mysterious and does not believe in material possession. One day, at the prep campus, Josh Turner, 'Cosmopolitian's top ten most eligible bacheloer', transfers over to their school. The girls all over campus fight it out to win the heart of the heart-throb. But Josh has his eyes set on the silently-beautiful Mischa. Their paths are crossed, can Mischa cope with the glitzy life of fame and fortune she has been running from without losing the guy she had secretly liked?


Well, I hope you've enjoyed reading my novice works; and I hope you'll stay tuned for new releases!

Bon Chance!

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