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Hello everyone! All right, I'll make this short and sweet.

I have taken down all of my work including my story The Lost Jewel of Beldorine, which was my baby for the better part of four years. I'm sorry, dear readers, but it's been three years since I've touched that piece, and it is now that I realize that it's better for all of us if I just took it all down--at very least until it is stripped, picked apart, and written in a manner that is fit for literary consumption. For my sake, it's really best that I shook off all (well...most) of my junior-high whimsy in order to someday write something complete and even more worthwhile. Also, I fear leaving the existing chapters here on FP, wide open for people to steal the ideas, characters, and places that were closest to my heart. I won't lie to you or give you false hope in saying that I might pick this piece back up and rewrite the hell out of it--but there's always a chance. - This story and this world are never too far from me, and I do hope that someday I might fulfill the destinies that I'd planned out all those long evenings in junior high.

Thank you all for your love and support during those years I wrote this story. I hope it helped stir something in you, something small but happy, something you can take with you through your own journey--as a reader, as a writer, as a person. = Because creating it certainly shaped me. I am a writer for life, and someday, my work may find itself back to you.

Thanks for coming along for the ride with me.

Always yours,

J.T. Baever

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