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hi, i really don't have an interesting Bio so hey..

my fav. authors: Robert Asprin- Mtyh books, Piers Anthony- Incarnations of Immortality, Terry Prachett- the Discworld series, and JRR Tolkien who wrote The Lord of the Rings among many others(but we all knew he wrote that right? :D)

least fav. author: JK Rowling for KILLING Sirius Black in the fifth book!!!! otherwise i would still like her (dont send hate mail for THIS its just my opinion k? feel free to send it for anything else... not that i like it, but it helps when writing)

REMEMBER!! check out stories by beautifulwings, especially The Door to the Eternal Sands

YES! LOTR, ROTK won everything it was nominated for in the academy awards!! so happy! it's won next to nothing in the last few years! so happy. *grin* i feel bad though. Master and Commander was an awesome movie and would have won so much if ROTK wasn't there. Master and Commander deserved to win more thingys.

sniff* i just took off my story The Silver Collar because I wanted to rewrite it, but do any of you know how much courage it takes to delete a story you've become so attached to? i honesty haven't been working on it as often as i should have, and it did need major work. but stil...

guess what?!?! i've got a fabulous new idea for a story! i'm so excited!

wow! i just read the best, the funniest book ever written!! it's called The Wee Free Men by Terry Prachett! Oh my geez, it's HILARIOUS! he is a genius! READ IT!

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Folly of Curiosity reviews
Being the naturally curious person I am, I decide to discover the world of mousetraps one fine evening...
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literaly the shortest story on earth in will only take 5 seconds to read so please do read it! ah ha! i spelled shotest instead of shortest HA!
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