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Basic Stats

Name: Lisa

Age: Erm... teenage. Yeah.

Location: The little-known state of Delaware in the USA.

Race: Chinese-Canadian (I'm a Canadian citizen that lives in the U.S.)

Likes: Humorous/constructive reviews, beef jerky, mangoes, oranges, writing/reading fantasy, graphic/web design

Dislikes: Flames, peas, beans, most other vegetables

Random Info: I'm an extremely bored Chinese girl who likes writing fantasy. For some reason, I especially like writing royalty and slaves as main characters.

Story Info

Chronicles of Kalahar

I am in the process of revamping all stories in this series.

Massacred Memories: COMPLETE! It's only a short story, but still the only CoK story I've finished.

Imperial Intrigue: My current project; originally named Alexandrite, Queen of Sierra.

In Progress

Conflict of the Heart: Huge writer's block at the moment, so hiatus as well. Also a victim of my cliche era.


Morning Dew: I seriously need to think up a more creative title and summary for this. The entire poem is an extended metaphor, but since it was an English assignment, it's not that inspired or interesting.

Fate's Sojourn: A poem in loose sonnet form. Not much to say about it... although I'm not the best with rhyme schemes.

Future Postings

Aquamarine, The Catalyst Sovereign: I have 12 pages in Word written on this already, but I haven't gone back and revised yet, and it's not chaptered. Due to the whole unchaptered thing, don't expect this story posted any time soon. But for anyone who's interested in it: It's about Mari (short for Aquamarine) during her time as crown princess of Sierra and how she meets Kieran. (Mari and Kieran are Alex's mother and father.) Prequel to "Imperial Intrigue", and will probably undergo a similar revison and renaming.

Amethyst, Princess of Sierra: Began writing, but it's on my Revision To Do List as well. I don't really have a plot yet. Sequel to "Imperial Intrigue." Will be renamed and revised...eventually.

Ecstasy: Currenttitle is temporary. A probably novella-length story about a girl named Teresa Marie Windemere, born to a merchant family in Sierra. Set one generation before "Imperial Intrigue".

Untitled: Another short story, this time about a Misroitian ambassador's daughter, Kathryn Riea. No plot so far, and only one supporting character.


School is piling tons of work and projects upon me, and I was fool enough to join several extracurriculars as well. You get the idea. I am actively writing Imperial Intrigue, but only a few paragraphs a day. If I ever get my own laptop, I'll be able to get a lot more done, but until then...

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Imperial Intrigue reviews
Chronicles of Kalahar series: Alexandrite Azalea Ametrine has just ascended the Waterfall Throne. She faces a daunting task - keeping peace with Attica and forging new alliances. But in a world of acts, betrayals, and intrigue, how will she survive?
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Complete. Chronicles of Kalahar short story: Kieran Quoniera lived a happy, content childhood. Then one day, there was a bittersweet tragedy. He had confessed his first love, but paid an enormous price.
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