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Hey all, and welcome to my li'l corner of fictionpress!

Btw, you can feel free to email me on just about anything, just please, please label it with your penname or something fictionpress related, particularly if you want to say something about a review I gave you (it annoys me in a review . . . you have been warned), otherwise I probably won't know what you're talking about.

~Everything You Might Wonder About Me~

My real name? Forget it. . . .

17 yrs. old, female, blue eyes, brownish hair, proof that blond is not a hair color but a state of mind. In other words, I can be very stupid. A Christian and an American and proud of it.

Hobbies- reading (especially mythologies and fantasies), writing (duh), listening to country music, marching band- yeah, I'm a band dork-going for walks, hanging out with my friends. You know, normal teenage stuff.

Juniorat high school in Nowhere, Virginia, as has been christened by a country song. Nothing happens here. I've been writing for forever, so its about time I do something to get it out. Oh, and I'm no more excitable in person than I am on the internet- I'd rather you think I'm bored until I decide its worth revealing myself.

But I am I nicer person than I probably sound like, just rather secretive.

~Quotes ~

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." -- Albert Einstien. I love that quote!

"That is the darkest blonde hair I've ever seen." -- my band director. I've been in that band too long! The only reason he wasn't refering to me is my hair isn't that dark. . . .

"Really, Johnny, you should be the one reminding me that the world doesn't stop every time I start on argument." -- Robin Hood, or, indirectly, me. It's from an offline story, so probably the most pretentious thing on this bio. . . .

~My Reviews~

If you review me, I will return the favor. This pretty much sums up my policy, with the footnote that flames will be ignored. Not returned, not responded to, ignored. If you can't reasonably back you're opinion up, arguing with you is an utter waste of my time. On the OTHER hand, I love constructive criticism and strive to give it in all the prose fiction I review. (Poetry you're more likely to get a mention of something specific I liked, because I'm not so good with the poetry thing. . . .)

"Constructive Critizism" by Werecat99 is an awesome guide to reviewing, if you're sick of vague reviews. . . .

~My Stories at a Glance~

I'm not really all that sure about any of these but Sir Mordred, Muse of Orkney anymore -- that one I have resolved to see through to the end, although hopefully without another lovely three week break -- although I know very well I'll have another one. I'm sorry that happened; real life just has that annoying tendancy to get in the way of writing.

Sir Mordred, Muse of Orkney: The new, currently active one. This is just me having a lot of fun and messing with the legend and one of my favorite characters. It's the one I'm most likely to update and it should be interesting.

Dark Fate: I'll admit up front that there's as much if not more literary liscence in Dark Fate as in Bound by Silk. I removed one part of the myth completely in my plotting (it's not around yet, though) because it didn't fit the image of Loki I wanted to create. As a warning, though, it's darker than BBS, in case you don't like that stuff. This also promises to be quite a bit longer than Bound by Silk, so if you hopped in for the ride, expect to be there for more than BBS's three months. . . .

The Malemalum Cult: Parody, romance, funny. I'm having fun writing (and making fun of the evil religion stereotype), which makes for a fun read!

Broken Barrier: My main work on this site, and probably one of my best. It's in part the product of a friend of mine complaining about the lack of good ghost stories on this site. . . .

Thief's Honor: Relick and Venna are also characters in So Called Innocence, but this is a bit more serious story. I warn they both share my same sarcastic sense of humor about life. . . .

Gawain: As anybody who reads First Challenge can see, it has not been my intention to retell Mallory from a different viewpoint, though Le Morte D'Arthur has been worth its weight in gold. I also owe big thanks to an anonymus fourteenth century poet, but I'm taking artistic liberties.

Hoofed Archer: "Creatures" (capital 'C') is a collective term for centaur, elf, ect. This story may be dead, I'm not sure.

Hound of Ulster: This is sorta in suspended animation at the moment, though if you wanna read it be my guest. As with Gawain, don't write a paper with this thing. Some of the stories about Cuchulain, especially the early ones, are few and far between, and I need to flesh out some of the stories as they were passed down. That, and the story was written down by Christain monks- they had to have been baised.

Salt Waters: Okay, I finally got to one of the main themes. I hate to have to go subtle. . . . Oh, well. The real thing you have to remeber about this one is that A) Pirates were democratic before their time, and B) Spain has a vertual monopoly on Carribean (spelling?) trade during the time period, except for piracy, and Britian's trying to undue that. (This one may also be dead)

Bound By Silk: Okay, I finally got to the actual myth-- although in my defense I did very little playing around with the mythology in the character development. Hopefully I managed to pulled it off.

The Guns of Men: A short story, tragedy. I don't think it really belongs in a Western section, but it was the best place for it. Just . . . what I think of the fading West.

Everything Else

--If we loose imagination, we've lost a whole lot more than just a great idea or story- we've lost an alternate life, and we've lost much of our emotion and what can matter most.--

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