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Crimson Chronicles-I have been working on this one for quite a while now, and it is comming to an end soon. I have about 6 more chapters or so before it's over. -spoiler-In it a boy named Halo tries to figure out what to do about a war that effects the entire world. But after he is fused with a phoenix in chapter 7, everything changes. and he no longer is the same person he once was... is this new form good or evil?

Opto Spiritus-Roughly translated from Latin it means Wish for Life or Wish for Breath. This one takes place in a different world and is a lot like Trigun in many of its aspects. The main character reminds me of Vash sometimes as I write, but I try to avoid copying the Trigun anime whenever possible. It's a little more serious than my other story, and this one isn't going to be as short. I'm modeling it after Infamous Bamf's story, Siren Limbo, by making it into episodes instead of chapters.

I would like to thank a few people:

Hawk Sage: It's been a while since we had a chance to talk but I still look up to you as a writer. I love your stories and I hope you enjoy all of mine as much as I do yours. Your character was a big help in my opto spiritus story! thanks again for that!

Infamous Bamf: Even though I couldn't write for a while you still pushed me on to keep writing. sorry I haven't been on lately, you know how it is with the holidays and what not. I am still reading your stuff, I'm just not reveiwing... I hope you don't mind. I mean I cant review on 65 chapters! lol

Totoya: Just met ya, but I love your story. I know you have two of them but I dont have a lot of time to read. So when I get a little time I'll try and check out entrange. By the way, don't regard anything from my old account(Icy Phoenix)... I lost the password so I made a new one.

Destin: Hiya! haven't had a chance to look over your stuff yet, but when I do I'm sure I'll like it. glad you like my stories!

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Unknown to the rest of the world the Starr Corporation specializes in bio-engerneering and they will go to any length to create a new bio-weapon. only a portion of the world knows about it, but those who do are doing everything they can to stop it.
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