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Just a twentysomething college student who loves to read and write.. and likes to share her insane ideas with anyone interested. ^_^

I'm also a painfully slow writer sometimes, since I write in a notebook first, then type the stories up. My deepest apologies in advance!

Fandoms I've written in but will never post because I was waaaaay too young when I wrote them: "The Secret Garden", "Edward Scissorhands", "Phantom of the Opera" (The PTO one, "Angel of the North" I worked on most of my high school years, and became quite infamous for it because I carried my notebook everywhere).

Currently working on: Inu Yasha - A fic inspired by Ookami-chan's Round Robin Contest, "Ai no Koinu", and the currently-unnamed series-ending fic I was doing for the current "Iridescent Dreams" Round Robin. Plus "Friendly Advice", a sequel to "Good Luck Charm". Gravitation - Going to move "Sleepless Recollection" over to this account and add Chapter 2 "Yuki's Kumagoro". Other Stuff - Maybe post some of my "Rose of Versailles" and "Gargoyles" fics.

Ideas that will probably never see realization - A "Yami no Matsuei" fic.. more secrets in Muraki's past, how he escaped the flames.. blahblahblah. And a self-indulgent "Hikaru no Go" fic just because I want more Sai (take that any way you like)! ;_; Then there's the "Gravitation" Nittle Grasper founding fic that has already been done to death, and the niggle of a "Romeo's Blue Skies" story. I want more time.. *sighs*