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Hey all.

After a long stint of writers block and other obligations which kept me from writing I am back. So here's a little bout what's been going on: I'm a California girl moved to Virginia.I'm a foreign affairs major with a history minor. I've been in love with Roman history since I was 13 although my history minor is concentrated on Eastern Asia which is my newest fascination. Anyways that's a bit about me here's what I've been working on: (most of it co-authored with my long-term friend Raine =) What I'm writing:

True Love is a Fairy Tale: In Progress This is my first piece on FP. I'm currently having Writer's block and have just been busy persuing colleges and different thigns so i'm working on it. look for an update soon!--Discontinued and removed from the site.

Seeing Through You: In progress Experiencing Writer's block. When i came up with this idea it seemed so easy but it's a little harder working things out than i had first thought. Stick with me though. I've written some on it so an update should be coming soon!! Stick with me!--Discontinued and removed from the site

Breach of Promise: Solo effort. One of my favorites to write on my own. Look for an update soon. In Progress

Second Chances: Brand new story I came up with last night and wrote down as quickly as it came to me. Story of a young man who loses his wife to cancer; leaving him alone with a young daughter to care for. He is unable to in his grief until an old flame returns offering her his help with his daughter while trying to supress her feelings for him she'd thought long gone even as he fights her at every turn. Can she tear through his layers of grief and help give him a second chance at a life lived without dwelling in the grief? And in doing so will they both get a second chance at love? In Progress...will only continue if it has support: Removed from lack of support.

Rival Hearts: In Progress This is my newest piece on FP. It's sweet and fun and has gotten the best response form all of you readers and reviewers. I just finished a move and have been busy getting settled but i'm writing an update as i type this so look for an update REAL soon. Thanks for sticking with me!!--I have a few ideas for this one after nearly deleting it from Fp. Hope to update it soon

The Ripple Affect: A Great work of suspense, romance and intrigue. This has been one of my faves to write and i love the characters deeply. (co-authored with Raine0211) We love it hope you do too. Completed

The Ripple Affect 2: A New Threat some new friends and even more romance!! It's been fun to write for sure (Co-authored with Raine0211) http:///raine02112002/The_Ripple_Affect.html?1102572078175(for those of you who wondered at what these characters looked like , Rainne and i compiled some pictures that matched the images we had in our heads as closely as possible. this is only the basic idea of what we pictured tthem to be with some differences like logans hair is thicker and darker, brett doenst have a tattoo...etcc so here are some basic ideas as to their appearances or you can just use wwhat you picture them as in your head! ENJOY!!) Completed

The Ripple Affect 3: A Forgotten Shadow: (co authored with Raine0211) http:///raine02112002/TRA3.html?1105400294835 (These are our ideas of what the characters may look like if real. You don' have to look you can use your own imaginations or you can see what our imaginations cooked up; the basic ideas at least. It's your choice but either way ENJOY!!) In progress. (We got distracted working on RA's 4-6 since we loved the younger characters so much.)

When Worlds Collide: In Progress! (Co-authored with Raine0211) A story of love birthed from tragedy; showing hope and healing can come from an unlikely source.

Carpe Diem: (co auhored with raine0211) Thanks so much for allllllllllllll your hits. you guys are awesome! A Dramatic and romantic historical piece set in Hadrians time in Ancient Rome. Rome has always been my passion and ive studied it for 6 years! im attempting to get raine into it with me and we decided a story was the best way to do this. hope you enjoy it as muh as we do. For our faithful reviewers who asked what the characters look like's a vague idea;) http:///raine02112002/Carpe_Diem.html?1163382058173 (theres a major charaters page and a link to the minr characters page. please sign our guestbook and let us know what you think.) thank raine for her work in setting that up :) In Progress/Revamping it

It makes my day when readers like you review so please send one my way!! I am more than open to suggestions, questions, ideas, and even helpful criticism. I don't know what you want or what you don't like unless you tell me so please read and review and let me know your thoughts!! ENJOY and thanks for reading!!

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