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Name: Ashley
Birthday: Nov. 30th
Age: 20
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Light brown
Height: 5'5" (cry)

I enjoy:
Music (Rock, J-Rock, Pop, J-Pop, K-Pop, Techno, the list goes on...)
Writing (Obviously.)
My friends
Ice cream
Kanon Wakeshima
The sizzle you hear from putting a hot skillet under water :D

I do not enjoy:
People with no grammar (Especially people with no sense of homonyms.)
Jerks/pigs, vapid, or annoying people

One of the things I'm really bad at is updating. O.o Because I'm lazy and don't want to finish the chapter, or I just really can't get into the groove. So, you might want to keep that in mind before you start reading one of the stories, love it (hopefully), and hire a hitman because I don't update a lot.
I also am really busy a lot of the time. I have four periods of school to keep up with, a job that shouldn't be as complicated as it is, books to read, music to dance to... (Yes, Ashley. You are sooo busy.)
XD Okay. So maybe I'm not all that busy... I'm just lazy...
But I still don't update a whole lot. O.o Feel free to yell at me some.
Oh, and nice, funny reviews = my crack. 8D
(So gimme 'em.)

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Gaia: XxXrainebowXxX
LJ: raine-bow (A lot of me talking about anime. XD)


Something Precious: In Progress/Hiatus. Chapter 21 up. Chapter 22 in progress.
The End of My Life: In Progress/Hiatus. Chapter 14 up. Chapter 15 in progress.
Space Cadet: In Progress/Hiatus. Chapter 02 up. Chapter 03 in progress.
Alizée's Kisses: In Progress/Active. Chapter 28 up. Chapter 29 in progress.
Speaking Poetry: In Progree/Active. Chapter 04 up. Chapter 05 in progress.


From Something Precious:
Bou in Cure magazine: http:///albums/m75/XxXrainebowXxX/J-Rock/016.jpg

From Alizée’s Kisses:
Adam: http:///albums/m75/XxXrainebowXxX/Adam02.jpg

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Czar Catherine I once said “You write on paper, but I have to write on human skin, which is far more ticklish.” In short, she meant: It’s so much easier to decide to be straight than it is to keep your eyes from wandering in the locker room.
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Alizée’s Kisses reviews
Music is life. That is the code that lead singer, Aislinn, has always lived by. And now her unsigned band might just have a chance at the big time.
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Speaking Poetry reviews
God, it was like everything she said was written by pen first, flowing and ebbing like a river. He was surprised it wasn't in iambic pentameter.
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The End of My Life reviews
As she watched that green bar creeping across the screen, she knew, even through her father’s reassurances, that it was eating away her life, little green square by little green square.
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Railiee and Nikole have just moved to Japan, but they never expected that they were going to be living next to their favorite band of all time.
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