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The whole thing started with one of my friends converting to Wicca. She began bringing tarot cards to school, and pretty soon one of my other friends converted as well. They asked me what I thought of their religion, and naturally I couldn't lie... I told them the truth-- that my religion spoke against witchcraft.

They loved to speak of their Wicca, and would be constantly speaking about it in class. My religion said that I couldn't practice witchcraft. So, I didn't. I really didn't have any problem with those who did. Yet when I spoke of my own religion at all, they would ignore me and laugh in my face.

Of course, I was distressed. I researched Wicca and found a couple redeeming qualities. Probably because I was raised catholic and later as lutheran, but I did my best to think of things fairly.

Some weeks later, I spotted a hateful poem written by a Wiccan, attacking Christianity and mocking my God. Disgusted, I looked around and found a bunch of others.

The first poem I wrote on the topic, "Forever a Deaf Ear," was truly in my own words. I was sick of Wiccan people degrading my religion, and vice versa. It was a simple, peaceful poem.

People flamed it and threw insults. Yet the hateful poems directed towards my own religion recieved cheers and congratulations. In the words of one, "Hell ya!"

So I decided to try an experiment.

I posted many other poems, the words to most of which I did not believe myself, gathering all the things that I imagined might make people angry (that would be why I didn't write about any of the good things of Wicca; I also added a couple of misconceptions-- I see this happening many times on some anti-Christian poems, so I decided to as well.). I wanted to see a) if anyone would say anything OTHER than something that might be paraphrased as "you are an ignorant hateful b!tch." b) to learn more about the religion. Sure, I could have just asked nicely. But I didn't want that "our religion is of peace and flowers" kind of thing. I wanted to hear someone speak of it freely, and not simply read some pre-packaged thing people will feed you when they are trying to make their religion look wonderful.

Red Pink Orange is a friend of mine, who wrote that poem in the back of Algebra, as a parody to a song. I decided I should give her her own credit, and she agreed to let me post it on the website for the experiment.

SliceOfSanity is actually not my real account. I generally write fiction. I just turned thirteen years old. (Immature? Exactly!! ^_^) I live in the northeast; the email account listed above is not my own but an old, abandoned account of the person you would know as 'Red Pink Orange.'

Now that my experiment has been finished (a success, might I add), I will recede into nothingness once again. Well, I guess not nothingness... I'm returning to concentrate my full energy upon my true account (which I'm not sharing with you, because I'm applying to private school and the admissions officers there are going to be reading my works of fiction on this site... and any reviews calling me bad things might severely affect my future.)

Apologies for any distress I have caused anyone. ^^ I don't actually believe any of the stuff in my poems, save for "Forever a Deaf Ear." And, of course the ones that don't concern religion at all.

January 5, 2004

Oh, and my 'announcement' originally leading to this profile was deleted because of the fact that it was an announcement... :P

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