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I'm back. I'm not sure if that matters to anyone after my four (?) year absence,
but here I am. I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year, so I have a new story that I'd like
everyone to check out. It's Fantasy/Sci-Fi, with a bit of Romance in there too. I
don't have time to edit it, so it may be a bit confusing at points, but once I finish
the month of November up, I'm going to edit it thoroughly, and the repost all the
chapters. So, please check it. I'm including a snyopsis of it below so that you can
get a better feel of what the story is.

I'm sorry to say there will be no updates on any of my old material. Sorry if anyone
is still waiting for that.

Much love,


Synopsis for Don't Ever Look Back

Five years ago, a teenage girl was found in an abandoned house in the country of Creation.
She was alone, naked, barely breathing, and bleeding heavily from open gashes on her back.
She woke up in complete mental darkness; her memory was completely gone. She couldn't recall
her name, where she was from, or how she’d gotten in her condition. The only thing found on
her was a note she’d had crumbled in her fist, reading, “Melanya, don’t ever look back.

Twenty now, Melanya still has nothing pertaining to her past but her name and that scrap of paper.
Out on her own, she has attempted to move on with her life, by doing the only thing possible in her
situation: starting completely over. But, the scars on her back are a constant reminder of what she
is trying to leave behind. There are frequent phantom pains, as if something is missing where the
scars now reside. Everything around her always feels like it’s missing something, but she isn’t going
to look back and try to find her past.

Instead it finds her. When an image of a robotic creature, who calls himself Draerr, appears in her
apartment and tells her she needs to get out—and now—Melanya barely has time to second guess
the warning before her front door comes crashing in. She’s attacked by a brute of a man, and in a
moment of fear, a power is unleashed from her--a power she would have never guessed she had in her.

There’s an entire world that she’s forgotten. A world that has been hidden from the eyes and minds of
the Human race. A world with magic, and creatures, that the Human race believed only happened in
fairy tales. And according to the droid that has taken to following her around--but swears he can’t tell
her anything more than he already has--it’s high time she rediscovered it. Because, apparently, she’s
the one who is destined to save it. After five years of following the only advice she believed valid, she’s
finally going to start looking back.

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