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'Ello poppet...

I'm Chelsea, newly graduated from high school, moving on to a private college that I really like so far, though I go home often for my darling dog. I'm going into college full-throttle. 18 credits!

But more about me: I love dance. It's been my constant in my life since I started when I was five. I made the dance team in college, but the dance style is pretty different from what I was used to so it's pleasantly challenging. The last few months have seen a great dip in my writing because all I was able to think about was dance...and school, school is a killer on the brain.

I love movies. I'll watch anything except gore, horror, and stupid-humor movies although I'll make an exception to the horror/gore stuff for Supernatural, but that's not a movie so it doesn't count.. My family thinks I should work for Disney. Currently, my Top Five movies are Juno, Howl's Moving Castle, On a Clear Day, V for Vendetta, and Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes is mine). I'm also a big video gamer...sort's what I do when I can't think of anything to write about. Computer graphics blow my mind. I wish I had the opportunity to take a computer graphics class in high school and I hope to get into the one class they have at my college.

I have a job scooping ice cream at our entertainment and convention center. I also work at American Eagle, and I enjoy it now, but come Black Friday I might be changing my mind. I used to have a volunteer job at my dance studio helping in two classes. I'm really going to miss those girls and three boys...once again, dance is my life.

Other Stuff: I realize I've died on this site. I'm currently busy with a story that has been revised more times than I can count. It's amazing how different the first draft was from the umpteenth one I'm on now. I'd try to explain, but it'll probably change drastically the way I'm going now.


Fire Bird: A rather short poem that I did for school. This is where the phoenix comes into play with my state of mind.

Candle in the Dark: I wrote this for school and my English teacher said I had great imagery. Yeah...reading is good...

Mirror, Mirror: Oh, the constant pressures of being pretty. I forsake thee so. Please, if you're going to read one of my poems that I have up, read this one. It's the most recent of my stuff.

Imagine: Yeah, this needs an explanation...for starters, I did it for school and really liked it. I've been told that it shouldn't be under 'essay' but it's an essay modeled after another essay called Bread by Margaret Atwood that I had to do for school. It's in the category of Teen because people get the wrong idea when it comes to red bodily fluids that are mentioned in it and it's in the Drama category because there isn't a Conceptual/Let's-ponder-this-for-a-while category and General is too...general. So, just read it. Please?


"Doctors are sadists who like to play God and watch lesser people scream." -Bren from Juno


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