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Hello, here's a bit about me

Country: Australia (love it here)
Hair colour: Ever changing, a redish-brown colour
eye colour: blue

Music: Chevelle, Evanescence (FAV), 28 Days, Blink 182, Linkin Park, Sum 41, Thrice, AFI (fav), System Of A Down, Simple Plan, the Dissociatives (I can't spell), The Matches, After the Fall, A Perfect Circle, Slipknot, Funeral For A Friend, Matchbook Romance, Hilltop Hoods, Three Days Grace, Metallica, Outkast, Incubus, SwitchFoot, Megadeth, Killing Heidi, Alarum, Smile Empty Soul, The Living End, Good Charlotte, Error, Murderdolls, KoRn, Stone Sour, Static-x, Pink Floyd, Fear Factory, CrossFade, Disturbed, Gyroscope, Story Of The Year, Nirvana, Deftones, Eighteen Visions, Ill Nino, The Rasmus, NOFX, StainD, Ranid, Green day, The Used, Muse, From First To Last, Pennywise, Offsprings, Bad Religion, Tiger Army, MXPX, Dead Poetic, Seether, minus 200, Kiss Chasy, Off By Heart (bloody brilliant), Behind Crimson Eyes, Ar Pejioand a lot more. O, and I absolutely detest people who 'bag' my music style, so if you do, don't expect any kindness from me.
Movies: Actions: Xmen, Final Destination, Underworld, Van Helsing, Thirteen, Harry Potter etc.

"You've sucked the truth out of me. Abolished honesty." Dead poetic "The Corporate Enthusiast"

Writing, reading, poetry, Fellow readers, Helpful critism, as long as its not flames, RAIN, fire, friends, movies (action), music, music, music! Sport, laughter, tears and lots more!

My stories:

Closing the door, opening a window: Ava is a 18 year old teenager. When she was young, 13, she was tormented by a boy, Daniel at her old school, until she moved. Now 5 years later and Ava is back with a new and improve image. Daniel is still there, trouble is, he doesn't remember her, and she isn't about to tell him. Ava finds herself falling for Daniel, and him to her. But with Dianna, Daniel's girlfriend, remembering Ava for who she really is, can they actually find love after there hate earlier on?
Status: this is finished. I doubt very much that there will be a sequal.

Loving a Lie: "I fell for him for a few secounds, until I found out the truth. But after all this time, of being 'over' him, could I fall for him again? He does live across the country." A girl who was lied to by a guy she had fallen in love with, a few years later, he comes back into her life, will she forgive him? ON HOLD: will not be updated for ages! I was contemplating taking it down but after I finish another story I will work on this one. Sorry, at the moment I have too many stories all together! ( too)

Never to Be:Rated for violance
STATUS: :'( I love this story! I just lack the inspiration- actually I have inspiration, I just lack the botheredness to complete this! SORRY.

*I will not anymore have any 'review' based aims.*
To FINISH all of my stories without deleting or ending them without a real finish.
To write a sequal to CTDOAW




“You know the movie daredevil? How he’s blind and has enhanced bat-like senses? Well, I know what he should be called! Batman!” –Me

"DO GIRLS HAVE SPERM?!?" -My friend who wil remain nameless.

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