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First, I should say that this name is a PEN NAME. I'm not going to tell anyone my real name; my fans (few though they are) will probably know who I am anyway, and the people who hate me (fewer, though more vocal) will this way not be tempted to do anything stupid.

These stories that I have posted are all old. I wrote them when I was in high school. Take that as a warning about the quality of writing if you wish! Re-typing them for posting was also an educational experience: I learned that teenage girls ALWAYS find a way to work a bit of a romance (or potential romance) into the plot. I'm a little embarassed by that, but there it is. I changed nothing, except where the editor of a magazine decided to un-italicize words that were supposed to be that way. (The name of a ship is always italicized, and Kimmery Martin should have known that.)

And now, a bit of a warning against some of the types who are on this site from time to time. It seems that there are those who use that little "report abuse" function to mess with people, not to report any actual abuse. Some, in fact, use it as a way of getting revenge when someone makes a comment they don't like about one of their stories...

The following is an e-mail "conversation" that took place after I'd suggested to someone that he move his story to a fan fiction site. I was far from the first person to do so. This person had posted four blatantly fanfic stories -- Star Trek, if I recall correctly -- and made rude replies to anyone who tried, even politely, to tell him that such stories didn't belong here. Then I got tired of being nice. He knew what he was doing, and he knew it was wrong.

ME (in the review I posted):
Eventually, someone is going to make you remove these stories. If fictionpress doesn't remove them for you. Until then I guess we'll all just have to keep reporting you. You know you're not supposed to have fanfic here, so why did you do it anyway? HIM:
If they want it removed, they'll have to do it themselves. Nobody can make me do anything. Got you to read it didn't it?

That's ok, reporting is a two wat street. ME:
You're assuming I read it, instead of taking your word for it that it isn't yours...
And believe me, they WILL remove it.
What are you going to do, report one of MINE?? HIM:
Actually, I did. ME:
Funny... I don't have any stories up, and never did. Thus do I show that you are a liar as well as a thief.
Now leave me alone.

He then cursed at me and insisted that I was the one who’d initiated this conversation. I did not bother to reply further. I should add that I did NOT have any stories up at that time, nor did I post any for some weeks after this occurance.

Keep an eye out for people like this. If I had much faith in the administration (not anymore!), I'd suggest reporting people who abuse the "report abuse" function. Unfortunately, no one is going to care, except those of us on the receiving end of such behavior. At any rate, keep track of the people who threaten to report you because you reported them; there's always a chance that keeping copies of reviews and e-mail can help if this happens to you.

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