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Well now, Well now. I've finally decided to wet my toes once more in the vast oceans of literature. I have the urge to dabble in writing, to let quill meet parchment and get on with it! Or, perhaps a more accurate description would be; to let fingertips meet keys and the typing begin! But, whichever suits my mood; I shall once again be putting down words, ideas, plots, characters and emotions. Once more shall I attempt to capture the stray, vivid daydreams that float around in my brain. I sincerely hope that you find the reading of them as interesting and enjoyable as I find the dreaming and writing of them!

And now that you have read your way beyond my little introduction, I shall get right on down to the basics.

I am a young 17 years and 11 months in age. I am female by gender, and often speak of myself in past tense, third person, or both.

I enjoy both reading and writing Fantasy and Romance, as well as the occasional Mystery and Sci-fi. I also enjoy fanfictions, although I enjoy them solely for what they are; one person's take and twist on another person's creation. I also enjoy poetry, although I find myself to be of the Rhyming persuasion, as opposed to free verse. I also enjoy Haiku, although I prefer the shorter 3-5-3 and 3-4-3 styles to the normal 5-7-5 style.

My musical tastes are widely varied and tend to inspire my work just as often as - if, perhaps, not more often than - my own emotions. I also find inspiration in artwork as well as the writings of others; be they be done by a professional or an amateur.

I tend to write in bursts, which is why you are more likely to run in to poetry than stories; I tend to forget about stories, while poetry I often finish in one sitting. What is there to say? Inspiration is very fickle, and tends to blow out at the slightest breeze.

I do believe that I have finished, and so I shall end my ranting. I implore you; Enjoy yourself whilst reading my works, or do not read them at all!

Ta Ta for now!

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