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Ok I just wanted to do this because I have never done it before. So here we go. I am a 17 year old male and still in high school. I love yaoi and poetry, but I do read other things. I live in Colorado Springs up here with Pikes Peak. My favorite sport is ice hockey and I love to run, which is why I do cross country and track. My foot is finally better so I can run again.
Ok enough about me now cuz I am sure the only reason you are reading this is because you want to know about my stories. Right? Ok I currently have one story completely up called The Hitch Hiker, this is really short and sometimes I think I was a bit to brief, but I really liked the ending. Right now I am working on Cowboys and Indians with a Twist and this is about a cowboy and an indian who fall in love. Its been really sweet and fun to write so far and I plan to keep on writing more and finishing it. Its just that sometimes I am so busy with school that I don't have time. Well this weekend I plan to write a lot if I can. Then last night on March 4th I posted up two stories that are based on real people and one of them is even about me and a guy from cross country. That one will only be updated when new things happen between me and the guy and it is meant to be a journal, so you don't have to read it, but I want you to. Well I hope you like my stories and I hope you continue to review them for me! Peace out everyone!
P.S. If you like my stories you should read Yaoilicious' stories because she gave me a lot of my ideas! She is an even better writer than I am! You should check out The Kingdom was known as 16 cuz that is a really good one.
3/7 I finally got up chapter 7 & 8 to cowboys and indians with a twist I know it has take me forever! Sorry!! please r&r!
I don't think I can write today, I am too depressed. today has been the worst day of my life because school is going really badly and then my girlfriend broke up with me at the end of the day. I am in so much pain and anguish, yet at the same time I am incredibly angry. Sorry to my readers, but I'm not in the mood to write today. Thanx for all ur reviews so far!
Sorry about not writing yesterday. I was still to depressed and I am now. I just want it all to be over soon and it can't be over soon enough. I put up chapter four to "False Identity" and chapter 9 to "Cowboys and Indians with a twist". I hope you enjoy them, but sorry if they aren't as good as my others. Hey I'm still in depression hear, lol. Well until tomorrow, peace out my readers.
Today has been a lot better so far. I feel happy for some strange reason. The poem I wrote was about this week so far, but today my mood has changed. I plan on getting Chapter 10 to "Cowboys and Indians with a Twist" and chapter 5 to "False Identity" up tonight. I can actually think clearly now cuz my head isn't filled with depression. It is definetely a major improvement from yesterday. Well until another time, read and enjoy and thank you all so much for your support. Peace
I'm so happy today even though I have like six hours of homework to do, but I don't care anymore about that!!! Everything has been going really well in my life right now and I couldn't be happier, but I'm still not ready for another relationship yet cuz I don't want to be hurt like that again! I'm sorry I can't write today, but I will try and write tomorrow and get a lot up and then next week I have spring break so I plan on writing a lot every day and possibly adding a lot of new stories. Now that I am happy again I have lots of ideas in my head! Feeling happy is grand! Well peace out my readers! I got to go start homework now!
Today was really awesome and I think I might have a new gf before the end of next week, but lets not jinx it now *knocks on wood*. I'm not going to get anything up today or tomorrow cuz I'm going over to my friends and I have a track meet all day tomorrow. Sorry about that, but Sunday and the rest of the week I plan on finishing my two main stories right now and then maybe starting some new ones. So until then, peace out.
Today was so fucking awesome. I posted up chapters 9 and 10 to "False Identity" and I plan to write more tomorrow. Sorry I know the whole fight thing is way over used, but I do hope you enjoy it. Today Ben actually talked to me and was cool around me today. God he is so hot. LOL, I'm sorry but I can't help it. :). I'm also about to get a new gf. Well I hope you guys read my updates. Until next time peace out my readers. :)!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today is the day that I change for good. No my writing about my hopes and dreams that were so sick and sadistic. That life is over! It is time for the new me to arise from my fallen ashes. I have found God and I am so happy now and this process has made me realize that I need to stop dreaming about these things and just wait for that perfect person to come. To my readers I am dreadfully sorry, but all I was doing was living a life that I shouldn't have lived. "Passions of the Christ" is my inspiration for change and has made me realize just how good I have it. So once again I am sorry, but all I will be doing from now on is writing poems perhaps. I am going to post up one right now. All my stories have been removed though. God bless everyone and I hope you all can find God too. Thanx and I hope you aren't to mad at me!
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