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You have nothing better to do then to look at my profile? Well then, I guess I'd better oblige you!

Let's see...I'm an eighteen year old otaku, and I live in the great, free, Canada! Yeah! Canada Girls Kick A- whoops, *to self* language Katie! *giggles* Yeah, I love my country. And I live in one of the best cities! I'll give you a hint--think Canadian Hollywood and RAIN!

If you guys want more info on me, (or want to see WHY I haven't updated such and such fic lately, what's going on with me, a little insight into my life, ect) go check out my online journal. It's at http:// . Go check it out!

I've been a fan of anime since I was very little, but I didn't know that I was watching anime at the time. Did you all know that 'Rainbow Brite' was an anime? That's where I got started. It wasn't until I became a faithful watcher of Sailormoon that I discovered what anime really was! Now, I'm hooked. My parents think I'm a little crazy, but oh well.

I've always loved writing and reading, and-no surprise here-my particular writing whims bend towards anime.

Thank you to all my faithful reviewers! Your input is greatly appreciated!

Hoe! Card Captor Sakura wa sugoi! I've seen almost the entire 3 series now...except for a few eps my online ane-chan didn't have v_v. Demo! The 2nd Movie (The Unsealed Card) is soooo cool! Daisuki! Daisuki daisuki dai- *^-^* You get the point, ne?

I have a new obsession! Wai! Gohan and Videl are soooo cool! (In case you've been living under a rock, I'm talking about Dragonball Z) And Chibi Goten is adorable! Have you EVER seen a kid that cute? THOUGHT NOT! *^-^* Wai, wai, I'm having so much fun!

If you guys want me to write anything, email me! I'll try my best to do it, I'm always looking for new ideas. The series' I know best right now are Digimon, Sailormoon, and CardCaptor Sakura.


My Number One Love
Okay, I've been real bad with this. Umm, umm, gomen? Gomen nasaaaaaaiiii! I'm TRYING to get the next chapter(s) up, I should hopefully get my creativity/attention span back SOON. ^-^ Sorry everyone!
Alternate ending to the 2nd movie. After Sakura captured and converted the Hope Card, Syaoran lost all his memories regarding ever loving Sakura. Now, with Mei-ling, Tomoyo and few other friends, Sakura is determined to get him back. Will six months be enough time?

Sakura & Syaoran Memories
Chiharu-10% done
An on-going series of stories. Years have passed since Sakura and Syaoran first told each other of their feelings. Now their friends look back on their relationship.

Stages of a Death Loss
Chapter 2-on hold
Hikari struggles to deal with the death of a loved one, and goes through three distinct phases: Denial, Acceptance and Healing. Can she find love along the way in the arms of a helping hand?

Card Captor Ame
In the planning stages
Same cards, same guardians, and a brand new Card Captor. Seventeen year old Ame may look sweet, but this street-hardened girl is not someone you'd want to mess with. So when she accidentely releases the cards while escaping a misunderstanding with the law, Kero's got his work cut out for him. Trying to train an unwilling teenager to become the new Mistress of the Cards, while dealing with the decendant of his former mistress, our favorite stuffed animal soon realizes that he had it easy with ten year old Kinomoto Sakura. What's a poor Sun Guardian to do?

In the planning stages
Power attracts power. Sakura quickly learns this the hard way as one night she is brutally attacked. Now haunted by her attacker day and night, Sakura must heal herself to find comfort once again in the one she loves, and to become stronger to take her life back.

(As yet unnamed)
In the planning stages
Sixteen year old Kinomoto Sakura hears a sound coming from her basement and cautiously goes down to investigate. There, an old prophecy book emits a scary light...what would've happened if Sakura found the Clow book six years later then she was originally supposed to find it? It's not easy trying to train hormonal teenagers as Kerberos soon finds out!

And numerous other short fics in the works...please be patient everyone!

NOTE: Due to the troubles with Fanfiction.net, I've put up all my CCS fics at my homepage in the CCS section. The Digimon and Sailormoon fics will be up shortly. The homepage isn't much, but in the fanfiction area I'm going to start putting up my fics there as well as here, and the chapters will quite likely be up there earlier then they are here at . So if you want to read it and it's not up here yet, go there!

Okay, I've rambled enough. Ja mata!

The Brody Story by Emiko1 reviews
Brody is a 16 y/o whose mother is in rehab. He is stuck in a new school, and has fallen in love with a total stranger. Thats not the half of it, but....read! m/m relationships involved. Mild violence, no sex.*discontinued* 14=explanation.
Fiction: General - Rated: T - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 14 - Words: 47,876 - Reviews: 100 - Favs: 12 - Updated: 3/16/2002 - Published: 9/19/2001