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How I wish my Biology teacher would teach all the time:

“Okay, class, take a look at these two glucose molecules on the screen. This is Mary Glucose, and this is Buddy Glucose. They meet in a dark alley somewhere and decide to get married. Mary says, “Okay, since for all relationships to work we have to both give up something. I’m going to give up a hydrogen atom from my OH bond.” So she gives it up, and then she says to Buddy, “Now you have to give up more than I do, since I have more invested in this relationship than you do.” So Buddy says, “All right, I’ll give up an OH ion.” Once this is done, they put the hydrogen and OH ion together in a little savings bond to make a H2O molecule. Mary takes her little oxygen atom—it’s a ring from one of her previous marriages—and Mary and Buddy Glucose are married. They now change their married name to Maltose (grain sugar), a disaccharide. This is called dehydration reaction.

“Now, as everyone knows, relationships that start out in dark alleys never last. Soon Mary and Buddy are fighting and Mary says, “This isn’t working. Let’s separate.” So she takes back her little ring, and then they take out the H2O molecule they put away earlier, and both parties take what they gave in the first place. Then Mary takes back her maiden name, so she’s a Glucose again. This divorce is called hydrolysis.”

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