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freak 'fr_k n.[origin unknown] (1563)
1.A sudden and odd or seemingly pointless idea or turn of the mind.
2.A seemingly capricious action or event
3.A strange, abnormal, or unusual person or thing
4.An ardent enthusiast

I am on the path to becoming a Jesus fReAK- and I will try to live by these 10 guidelines:
1.I will believe like a Jesus fReAK
2.I will pray like a Jesus fReAK
3.I will worship like a Jesus fReAK
4.I will study like a Jesus fReAK
5.I will love like a Jesus fReAK
6.I will stand like a Jesus fReAK
7.I will forgive like a Jesus fReAK
8.I will rejoice like a Jesus fReAK
9.I will serve like a Jesus fReAk
10.I will witness like a Jesus fReAK
In short, I will live like a Jesus fReAK and spend each day as if it were my last.

"A Jesus Freak started off as a derogatory term for people who were radical in the way they followed Jesus. True believers, however, took/take it as a compliment-to be labeled a Jesus Freak meant others saw a difference in their/your life, and that-perhaps-Jesus was beginning to mess with their lives as well. And that is a good thing.
When you hear the word Jesus Freak, do not think of it as someone who is perfect, or even close to perfect. A Jesus Freak is simply one who knows he or she cannot be perfect without God's incredible grace and mercy, and daily seeks those two gifts. A Jesus Freak has chosen to leave this life behind and seek the abundant life God promises. This is a choice that is made daily, and some days are better then others. But still, God frogives." -D.c. Talk's book "How to Live like a Jesus Freak"

Like said, I am on the path to becoming a Jesus Freak, and clearly I'm past the part of being ashamed to speak the name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ in public. I ask of all the fellow Jesus Freaks out there to pray for me, so that I may continue to follow the path of God more closely than ever before.

Quotable quotes:
"You're just jealous because I'm a fReAK and you have to wear a mask." -The Penguin, from Batman Returns

"Always tell of God's love. If necessary, use words." -St. Francis

"That's God''s way of stretching your faith and getting you to flex you prayer "muscles." -D.C.Talk

"The greatest single cause of Atheism in the world today is Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, then walk out the door and deny Him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable." -author and speaker Brennan Manning

"Singing of God's awesome power is a form of spiritual warfare." -also of D.C.Talk

"YOu never know when you may not have a Bible." -once agian, D.C.Talk

Some people who are reading this bio may think that I am overdoing a great thing, but you can never overdo God's love. I pray that someone who is not currently following God's path will stumble across this message I give now and let it be an eye-opener for them. The choice of believing is yours and yours alone, but I know which side I've taken. God bless all.

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My Prayer
I always find myself feeling helpless for the one that I love... it seems like I can help her, I'm away on some trip, or if I'm at her house, there's nothing that I can do anyways. But I've found that praying is something that I can do anywhere.
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An all out war has been declared... Two King's from different places battle for peace... But who wins this game?
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This is an essay where I try to take a different point of view on the topic of atheism and Christianity.
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My Autobiography of Them reviews
These are actual diaries found written by fictional characters. Most of these have no reflection on my life, they are all about the feelings of hard times and wonderful times in other people's lives.
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Un Amore Per Sempre reviews
(This poem has both the Italian and the English versions) This could also be called "One Love Forever."
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This is the story of your everyday persecuted J-fReAK
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