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So... those of you who've read Shades of Grey... I'm sorry. The whole damn thing is being... well, completely rewritten. Don't worry, you're reading wasn't a complete waste of time!

I've trashed Angel Flight and that untitled vampire story. It always seems that when you look back, all you've written is garbage. Damn.

If you don't know me, you may be wondering how exactly one would get a hold of me. Other than just leaving a review like any other decent person (hint hint), my e-mail address is archery_girl2000@. Put my pen name in the subject, or I will NOT open it. Got it? GOOD!

My thanks to:

Melissa- For just being my sister. Okay, you're not always the most supportive person in the world, but at least you're honest, and I couldn't love you less... I mean... more! Lol, I'm kidding.(PS- less than a year to go before you can leave that hellhole. Try not to let them bring you down. I know, easier said than done. Just... try, okay. I LOVE YOU!!!! Also, try to work on your untitled story some more. You've got some real talent and you don't even know it.)

Lizki- for offering to be the grammar freak for me (and because you are my leather-clad "mother" hee hee... you'll never get rid of that!!!. I love you more than air). You rock!

Angie- for her blunt honesty and all the things that go with it. I miss you.

Katy- for giving me the sarcastic comments that make me laugh at my own mistakes so that I don't just give up entirely. You're sweet.

Molly- for encouraging me and the five-subject notebook I transferred Shades into. Also (and especially) for opening your home and your family to me. You'll never know what that means to me.I love you more than anything (except Missy).

Kristin- for realizing that changing certain things is just wrong, and leaving the parts of my story that should never be touched alone, even though I know you want to scribble it out with permanent marker. You'll get used to me, I promise.

Krystal- for the story we're writing together. We have to finish it, even if it's over the internet, okay?

All of the above people (again)- for being my most faithful readers (and reviewers, in some cases), and also for dealing with the more difficult aspects of my personality (a.k.a- lack of emotion that makes writing for emotional characters *coughRyancough* difficult, my never-ending hyper-activity, and my complete lack of ability and desire to not over-edit my work to the point of killing it entirely). I LOVE YOU ALL!

My family/friends- for inspiring some of my greatest characters of both the good and bad types *cough*

I think that covers the super-important stuff for now. Yep!

If you want to know anything else, just e-mail or message me on Yahoo, okay? I'm will not guarantee the information you want, but I will most certainly be willing to at least consider.

By the way, Scott... Post something already. I've edited up to Ch. 10 of Final Fate, and I want to know more about Blood Rain, and I know you have five chapters of that. SO GET TO WORK!

Love (A&F),


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